Digital art makes abstract science. The working artist always knows there's a precise mathematical base behind the patterns of chromatic pixels of light.  Yet, instead of highlighting the math behind the art, most digital artists select to merely apply the power of the media to express their own subjective view and feeling of life. The digital image "works" if it induces an emotional or thematic connection with the artist making the work.  Such quantifiable and dissecting precision of such art data leads to advances in mixing original digital works into subsequent future new work derivations.  As such, clusters of pixels become like visual markers to one's style.  Cut and pasting, combining images into composite transparencies becoming original art in itself, leads to personal style, one's one marks.  In a sense, the artworks have a common genetic art character that keeps getting reworked, remixed, reinvestigated, combined into new wholes, all with an evolving kind of efficiency with careful control of redundancy.  Taking this digital art to the Internet stage forces the artists to consider the social contest in which his work is exhibited.  The exhibition parameters and audience reach are quite different from real world display.  As such work targeted for Internet cyberculture as foremost reason to create and share, eventually may include elements with the visual work that provide evidence that the artist intended this particular work to be for an online audience.  A group could evolve that provides original art in such a new context. And through sharing ideas, interactive projects, advancing a body of works under the flag of a new 'ism as declared by the acting artists, sipping wine together, a truly new body of works, linked to the Web, may be discovered in the vastness of global cyberspace.   Web art might even provide a new way for people of the world to communicate and share ideas and dedication to one's craft, gain fellowship freeing one from physical solitaire, why enriching the cultural lives of millions who cannot draw a straight digital line in Paint Box.