Copyrighted 2007 by Rodney E.J. Chang

A brief review of scenes in this tale of fiction that puts an artistic spin and update of events of the infamous, almost mythical, "Roswell Incident" - by Rodney E.J. Chang, May 16, 2007

*There much more detail in the novel than this cursory description  of the story as requested by Laurence Gartel on May 16, 2007 (such as events, character development and interactions, crop fields circles and the connection to the gallery, using elements/beliefs of the Roswell Incident through author's research)


1. Patient in a mental ward, being fed by an attendant, has a psychotic episode.  It ends by him hallucinating a past event.  He sees a mushrooming cloud, similar to a nuke bomb explosion.  As the dust clears, it's a scene on the- (attempt made for story to be very visual and action oriented)

2. Back side of the moon.  Aliens are having a group meeting.  All are pilots of UFOs that provide "sightings" to let humanity know of their presence in a slow and subtle way as to not jar mankind's sense of reality. They are doing their tours; all can't wait to return home to their own galaxy after doing their duty here at Earth.  At this meeting back in 1947 the leader summarizes how the human species is a heightened threat to itself and the harmony of the Universe with the discovery of nuclear power and weapons.  Intentional UFO sightings now must be supplemented with providing Man tangible evidence.  There is the request for volunteers to man a spacecraft to crash close to the nuclear research activity - New Mexico, Area 51.  Some oldies bored with their long time monotonous duty, volunteer for some excitement and one last shot for personal fame.  They are reassured that they will safely teleport back to the moon base before vehicle impact.

3. These particular aliens are the heroes of the show.  Almost like the Ghostbusters, they strut and show they are rebellious mavericks.  Once in the spacecraft, they don their favorite human attire - Elvis, Ringo of the Beatles, and The Fonz of the television show, "Happy Days."  It's 1947 but through time travel, these aliens became familiar with the future music of America.  They recorded it and enjoy it with their iPods back in the 40s (before we ever heard it).  I wanted to be innovative and portray alien Grays that have feelings and personalities.  I also include music dear and nostalgic to the Baby Boomer generation.

4. Flying at night towards the designated crash site, they come upon some Roswell teenagers on a highway leading into and out of town.  Roswell is surrounded by barren desert. They have been drinking and are standing on the side of the road at the site of the accident involving friends who recently died in a head on.  They too were driving under the influence.  The aliens note a speeding truck coming their way.  The humans are in danger.  Should they intervene and chance missing their rendezvous time for the planned saucer crash?  They decide to go for it, being true humanitarians.

5. They deviate from their flight plan to warn the kids.  Their presence has unpredicted effect. Both the kids as well as the oncoming truck driver pay less attention to the road, all looking up in awe at the UFO.  It's July 4th, 1947, the date of the "Roswell Incident" by some accounts.

6. Big time accident. Loud, gory, bloody scene - horror. UFO hovers above disaster, then darts off.

7. Shaken, the aliens refocus on their mission but miss the teleportation deadline, becoming trapped within the doomed craft. 

8. At the crash the military shows up first. The Fonz is still alive but seriously injured.  Buddy "Glenn Miller" is also alive but decides he does not want to be taken captive. He gets up and moves towards the darkness to get out of the intense search lights of the military.  A scared young soldier shoots, blowing away a hero.  (capture here the audience sentiment for the alien) Later in the story, the soldier's son ends up assassin of Fonzi's daughter. Here's the jest of it-

9. Fonzie is taken to the Roswell military base hospital. The convoy passes along Main Street as the town sleeps late in the night.  A witness (insomniac wife) within one of the houses sees the convoy.   She later dies, haunts this house that later becomes Roswell Encounter Gallery.  There a scene where the ghost confronts the aliens to get out of "her" house.  At the hospital, Fonzie notes the caring - and beauty, of the young attending nurse. Later he hears through walls the talk by military superiors discussing how the nurse cannot be trusted to maintain the secrecy and therefore she had to "disappear."  (Some accounts of the Roswell Incident speak of how a nurse was quickly reassigned to Europe and the plane lost and never recovered, disappearing somewhere over the Atlantic)

10. Fonz decides to save the nurse. He clones himself, more a vegetative replica of himself that drive the scientists crazy later in Area 51, to escape to the nurses' quarters.  He abducts her.  They both teleport to the moon and he then explains why he had to take her out of danger's way.

11. The nurse learns she can never return. So she makes the best of it and Fonz turns out to be a pretty interesting guy to pass time with.  They marry and have a kid. (nice wedding night sex scene to show how aliens "do it")  Together they decide to give the child to the earthlings for the hybrid's best interests.  The alien bosses like that as they know it's fate that this child should be born and placed among the humans. It's just a part of a long term master plan.

12. Child in basket found by the Indians at Santa Fe Plaza. She's raised, is brilliant, and a great artistic progeny. Everything she paints sells.

13. As a young upcoming artist of Santa Fe, she meets a Hawaiian dentist researching Santa Fe as a possible location for his dream art gallery. He's also a digital artist who wants to eventually retire and be a full-time artist with gallery.  They bump together at an art reception and hit it off.  He's impressed with not  just her exceptional beauty (cast someone with unique beauty like the daughter in the old "Adam's Family" tv show) but her talent and intelligence.  They stay in touch.

14. Later the dentist discovers the Roswell opportunity and plans a gallery on Main Street across from the UFO museum.  He contacts the girl and offers her the job of gallery director and featured artist.  In essence, she now could have her own gallery.  It would accelerate her emerging art career.  She takes the job and moves to Roswell to startup the business. 

15.  She also uses it as an excuse to break off with her boyfriend in Santa Fe, leaving the dead end relationship. Her landscapes of New Mexico were gaining notoriety but she felt something was missing in her life - purpose.

16. In Roswell, the aliens abduct her; the time had come for her use to them.  She discovers her mission in life. She is given the keys to the parallel alien dimension, just inside the walls of this old 100 year old house converted to a commercial gallery.  There within, she finds herself.  She becomes obsessed with the effort to paint each of the 12 different alien species, one by one, coming to her other-dimension studio to sit for their portrait rendering. (computer generation special effects not just for the creatures but to give all parallel dimensional film setting a special quality - visuals, sounds, music, mood, fantasy, quivering instability- never experienced before in cinema)

13.  Each work has magic. Once on the walls of the gallery, dedicated to UFO and Space art, the portraits' eyes hypnotized visitors.  All leave the gallery, their visit to Roswell, changed for the better.  They go back home and preached peace, harmony, and love among all men and fostered environmental concerns. The gallery becomes a source for global Pacifism.

14. Word gets around that something was up again in Roswell.  The government sends a spy to check things out.  The agent selected is the x-boyfriend of the girl.  He comes at an opportune moment as she is overworked, lonely and now nostalgic for what they had previously. Guy goes on the make, knows her vulnerabilities, hot scene.

15. Later the traitor calls his boss and spills the beans about her true nature as well as the secret dimension within the gallery.  The military then lusts to capture new generation UFOs as well as the operating crew!  They send a recon team to enter the dimension to scout the UFO base find.  At the same time, higher ups want to end all this talk of anti-war activism, how the aliens are coming again to save mankind from itself, and why new weaponry is dangerous to all.  The son of the soldier who shot indiscriminately in '47 seeks revenge against aliens as he realizes his father became alcoholic and hung himself due to condemnation by the military for losing a valuable hostage of the incident. The son was monitored by the military through the years,  now leading to a helicopter arriving at his desert cottage.  (dramatic night scene of copter coming out of nowhere upon this ranch house in the middle of nowhere; like UFO and aliens before audience realizes its the military) There, on a dark night in 2007, he is given the order to go into town and assassinate the alien hidden in a woman's body.  For his country, for the money, for revenge.

16. The dentist comes to Roswell with his daughter, one of her teenage friends, for the gallery opening.  The night before, the girls slip away from the guest house on the property, attracted to weird lights inside the close gallery. They are student ballerinas in Honolulu. The girls enter by night and accidentally fall into the parallel dimension.  Suddenly, as if by magic, they are wearing ballet leotards or tutu.

17.  It's animation time as they dance about carefree in a Disney-like flower garden and forest.  Bluebirds singing, bubbly creek, big happy faced flowers.  Meanwhile, the soldiers slipped in too and are lurking towards the UFO base somewhere else in this parallel dimension.  The assassin followed the artist and her boyfriend in earlier.  All don't know of the others' presence.  She gpes there to finish up a last portrait of an alien, with her boyfriend as a by-stander.  

18. Big scene- chaos!  Aliens discovered the infiltrators and chase after the soldiers.  Wolves abducted earlier from the desert are released and spring upon the military squad. Got the stereotypical ethic characters for these soldiers- White, Black, Hispanic- all macho.  Big fight scene between the wolves (red glowing eyes) and the soldiers- guns and knives.  Then to shock the audience the girls fall into this niche space of the parallel dimension and find themselves within the fight scene!  (Mauled bleeding soldiers, growling and attacking wolves, shocked petite ballerinas - what a mix, a scene nobody will ever forget!)

19. Meanwhile, in another corner of this dimension on this momentous night, the assassin catches up and confronts the couple. She begs for mercy, expects her boyfriend to defend her.  The assassin instructs the boyfriend to walk away, reminding him the closure of the dimension is 3 A.M. and they need to get out or forever be locked in this time dimension.  She's shocked when he turns his back and walks away, revealing he is the accomplice of the attacker.  The assassin executes his order.  Meanwhile the girls get away and also make it back out in time.  The surviving soldiers get lost and are never seen again. They run into some lost aviators (from Bermuda Triangle lore) but choose not to follow these apparently clueless wanderers.  The pilots do find their way back into our reality, finding themselves in the gallery. But when they see only alien portraits, they figure they're still in the parallel zone and return back through the portal ( a huge digital abstract painting). So they return through the art portal to remain lost for all time.

20.  Upon the gallery opening, UFOs buzz outside the gallery filled with guests.  Like "Encounters of the Third Kind," creatures majestically descend from their spacecraft and offer hope and peace to the world.  Besides the alien portrait exhibit can be another room gallery dedicated to high tech art standouts like Gartel, Pygoya, and __________.

21. Later the alien 'ghost' appears to the boyfriend and his new girlfriend.  She comes to his bedroom at night and his brain is never again the same. Horror scene with some glore. Girlfriend placed in deep sleep remains paralyzed and unaware of what is happening to boyfriend.

22. Broken hearted over the loss of his daughter, Fonzie no longer needs to remain here on Earth to guide his daughter's mission of peace and broadened awareness for mankind.  He returns to his own galaxy after serving 500 years in this remote sector of the universe, retiring from the "military."

23. The alien superiors on the back side of the moon don't like how their project in Roswell has been messed up.  They plan a second coming, a second intentional crash.  This time the pilots teleport in time before the spacecraft crashes in "Roswell Incident II." (another great desert UFO action scene)

24. It crashes right into the cottage in the desert of the assassin.  As usual, he's drunk on the coach.  This time the town people are informed and everybody drives out, ahead of the military, to witness and document this second coming.  There is no chance for governmental conspiracy but only global enlightenment. The aliens got it right this time.

25. Cut to the opening scene of the mental patient; audience now knows how this character fits into the story. He's not just pathetic, but the villain served justice.

26. Of course the aliens make sure the government never captures their UFO base to do "reverse engineering" to develop more weaponry.   The parallel dimension disappears.  The government loses interest in this small town gallery. Daily town life seems back to normal.

27. Ending scene of country folk tourists browsing the gallery of alien and UFO pictures, posters and postcards.  Nothing different from the normal. Alien theme carnival ride noise blare from across the street on this hot summer night.  Camera moves towards back room of the gallery and stops with  a headshot of the deceased hybrid, back on the job in her private office.  Back there the room is totally silent and eerie.  The living dead or robotic clone- the audience is kept guessing?  The light above the large digital painting in the main exhibit room once again turns from red to green, indicating the parallel dimension is once again accessible by those in the know.