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Message from: Dr. Linda Berg-Cross (lindabergcross@gmail.com)

Hi. I am a professor of psychology at Howard U in Washington DC. One of my grad students is developing a type theory of fine artists. I found some descriptions of your 1980 book and was wondering how we could read the text.  We are most interested in looking at the positive and negative health implications (physical and mental) of choosing fine art as a career. One area where your work might help us is our attempt to understand the importance of yielding to the creative process. Hope you will respond.....your work is great, but why wouldn't you sell any of the computer graphics!  Psychological or economical or both?




> Dr Professor Berq-Cross,
> Maybe THAT could be my legacy (one starts seeing things in a new
> at 60) - that of the absolute surrender to the creative proces, thereby
> dictating life's journey into unexplored phenomenalogical territory.  The
> 80s book were my perceptions as a doctoral student  and I've grown (older
> and maturer) less naive (hardened to the ideals of science?).
> For probably the world's most documented life journal of an artist's
> creative process/journey - way better than a narrow glimpse of the mind
> of 1980, direct your student to -
> http://www.lastplace.com/page49.htm.  It's all there for someone to do a
> thesis on such, although "effects on the mental" as you state doesn't
> absolutely positive. The creative process has enriched my life experience
> way beyond the average Joe Blow, and "keeping the faith" continues to
> provide the rejuvenating nectar that keeps my mind young and excited about
> the next turn around the corner.  Sell? Hardly if it's not your main
> concern.  It's crusades!  First, against the discrimination of computers
> art tools (especially on this island with a contemporary economy based
> placing tourists in nostalgia of OLD Hawaii and on the beach), then
> the hackers of Disco Mania (I danced in disco clubs every Sat. until I
> turned 60 last year - the music was FINALLY 'old' to me, the mind gave out
> before the body, which surprised me), then leading the Webists (going
> strong) for a global cyber-culture online, and now - my upcoming trip to
> Roswell, New Mexico, famous for -
> http://www.lastplace.com/UFOArt/roswell_ufo_online_art_exhibitio.htm
> All this, besides my all too serious "Mental Evolution and Art" exposition
> of 1980, seems to be connected by the dots, so to speak. Silicon chips
> leading to PC development in my lifetime, the CRASH in the desert at
> Roswell, global effort for Peace and fellowship among all human beings,
> this Calling to looking into the possibility of opening the UFO Gallery IN
> Roswell, close to the UFO Museum & Research Center....  Has my life being
> programmed - dare I use the word "fate" - all predetermined?  Good things
> have been netted from this "crazy" ups and down lifestyle -
> http://www.lastplace.com/Journal/demiseofpaintings_june_14.htm
> like my novel "Pygoya- a novel of Rebel Art & the Supernatural."  I sense
> something big will happen in Roswell for my life - possibly the
> for another novel, this one with characters operating a UFO Gallery (for
> profit of course) and with strange artists bringing in work that
> the tourists, changing them forever when they leave town and spread back
> across the globe (now 1 million visitors a year to the UFO museum)....
> Write back please and yes, I'd love if you dictate a student(s) to
> my art journal into something that I would sponsor and publish.
> Aloha,
> Rodney Chang, MA, MSEd, DDS, PhD


Dr. Berq-Cross,
> I am interested in the "type theory of artist" as I have always considered
> myself as a Case Study, using the phenomenological empirical approach as
> research methodology. You will find the "data" at my journal page, as I
> tried to document my personal experience of living on the edge - both
> exhilarating and anxiety provoking without cessation.  The conclusions of
> doctoral study are at -
> http://www.lastplace.com/Journal/phdissertation.htm
> which includes the socio-psychological dilemma of the experimental
> artist-
> http://www.lastplace.com/whatisartform.htm
> http://www.lastplace.com/artworld.htm  (the Art World, according to Chang,
> 1979)
> http://www.lastplace.com/Journal/humanature.htm  - psy of the
> http://www.lastplace.com/aestheticmodel.htm- my aesthetic model and the
> of the artist in society.
> Little did I know after all this theorizing, the real fun starts in the
> application of such theory as art practitioner!  Guess I have used my
> afterall, even as I remain stuck in dentistry to support a family- delayed
> from the usual decades of life, for the sacrifices of artistic
> determination.
> I really welcome dialogue from you as as a psychologist you are now
> (stuck) having to deal with a student's interest in the creative art
> process.  Way cool!
> Cordially,
> Rodney