On Photoshop and Digital Fine Art – a conversation


          Sue C. of Pygoya Productions wrote:

Hi Rodney...I've had a few really good days.  I spent one day with a friend who is an artist in Columbus. She kept sending me emails with digitized pictures of a leaf and said that she was working with Photo Shop in creating the images. 

Well, since I just got back from the “Digital Long Island” - and all the artists, including Gartel, talked about was Photo Shop, I asked this friend to spend a couple of hours showing me the program and teaching me how to use it.
After that experience, I can see why people are mistakenly saying that anyone can make a digital picture and discount it.  Now, although I can see why people may think 'that even a monkey' can do it, their phrase, not mine; I can see how this phrase can be handled with this statement, "It may appear simple and easy but it really takes an artist with the artist's eye to create something of value".  

I consider that this session with Sheree Green was very valuable because it has given me the script that I need to counter act the negativism of gallery owners.  Until I saw and tried it, I was ignorant to exactly what it entailed.



Email reply from Rodney Chang-



I did everything in Photoshop with the Pahoa photos that I took.  My photo dissecting out of nature what my eye sees and wants, then to the computer to transpose nature to make it my own interpretation of nature as captured during that fleeting moment of light, time, and mood.  The OIL PAINTINGS, executed by my HUMAN PRINTERS, are MY VISION which ENHANCES NATURE.  Yes, programs like Photoshop make changing colors, shapes, shading, moving objects, adding objects, modulating lighting, etc easier, but like it takes a composer to effectively use the power of a sound synthesizer, so does it take a good and experienced artistic eye - grounded in a formal education of the history of art and tastes - to not crank out rubbish but WHAT YOU WILL SEE SOON - that I have no doubt is a superior INVESTMENT in my art that will eventually bring in profits for PP.  Almost like a counterbalance to my lst art book of abstracts, I’m getting excited to think of these as the first possibilities for a sequential art book 2, "ART FOR THE REST OF US"  (MASS APPEAL, SOFA ART, REPRESENTALTONAL WORKS TO DEMONSTRATE THE VERSATILITY OF MY VISUAL ART, HOW TO MAKE BUCKS WITH DIGITAL TOOLS)