October 25, 2016


Hi Harv,
Project heating up.  Going to blow my wad. 
Pushing30K.  But won't get 3 units complete with restroom room (no plumbing or fixtures yet) any cheaper in the future.


The Rodney Chang Volcano Retreat  dwellings will consist of-

1. Main Country House "Inn"
2. Current "Disney" guestroom (Red exterior, yellow framing, purple door)
3. New guesthouse West  (main room, restroom/bedrm; Orange ext, purple framing&red door)
4. New guesthouse Central (main room, restroom/bedrm; Forest Green ext, off-white framing and door)
5. New guesthouse SouthEast (main room, restroom/bedrm; Dark Blue ext; green framing &green door)
6. Dance/seminar room with garden deck
7. Chicken coops, dog houses, entry "bus stop" sheltered seating in middle of front lawn

Also involved in producing final online comics to make 50 total at StarryComics.com