January 24, 2014   Rodney Chang



Research Plan: HOIE Plant Nursery



1.     Possible products – anthuriums, orchids, green ti leaves, banana, bamboo (flower arrangement), strawberries, small bonsai trees in ceramic pots (I could create ceramic pots at HOIE with kiln)

2.     Construct pilot small greenhouse using front of existing house, door at landing of existing stairway, another door if necessary to make shortest path to back of pickup truck parked in front, close to water catchment tank, valve, with pump irrigation into green house potted plants in rows on wooden benches

3.     shipping, packaging, costs, how to

4.     locate sources for startup crops- small startup plants

5.     necessary refrigeration, cost of electricity, maintenance

6.     later solar energy for 5.

7.     pesticides, fertilizer,

8.     supplies – gravel, pot fillers, plastic bags, wire, crates, boxes, etc.

9.     retail end- learn whole prices now paying by Honolulu flower shop connection requesting orders of anthurium, orchids, green ti leaf

10. learn how to make bouquets, flower arrangements, wreaths  for weddings and funerals

11. feasibility of converting HOIE from 2nd home tax status to Ag, income producing property

12. tilapia pond or tanks with aeration, for commercial wholesale

13. later 2nd entry driveway and road , with access to larger greenhouse on that side of property with same metal gate by Rodrick

14. have to for 13. clear land (Rodrick’s guys?) for large greenhouse like Rodrick’s; option small livable room connected to or next to this larger greenhouse

15. for 13. would need another water catchment for greenhouse, with pump irrigtation for plants inside too

16. Use downstairs room under house for work tables and supplies to box/package plants for Honolulu; pilot greenhouse connected to this room under house

17. possible part time help for tending to plants, potting plants, packaging for shipping; driver from HOIE to shipping in Hilo

18. Make sign, Houston’s or Rochelle’s Nursery

19. Convert all those chicken coops from chickens to raising sellable pet shop birds, like love birds and parrots

20. Figure out 19 and 13 shipping regs, quarantine, ag inspection for shipping between islands

21. analysis of business plan, projected costs, growth curve, taxes, capital requirements

22. possible pick up rental available in Kalihi in unit now available next to dental clinic; for deliveries from Hilo, distribution from there to retail flower shops, hire one driver/manager

23. later Hilo property for flower shop/art gallery/residence(?)

24. Try to work JJ and GG into plans to earn them regular side income

25. utilize inlaws while still active there for startup nursery

26. possible buy retail flower shop in Honolulu to own both sides of business (production and retail sales) for future business one of kids if need job/biz