(moments of enlightened depression?)






MARCH 10, 1986


Dear Diary,



People can be so stupid relative to folks living in a bigger city.

People here are "laid back", "out to the beach", comfortable with island living, less aggressive, slower pace of life, content living in isolation.

Status quo here like any other place - it counts who you know and how the social grapevine works.

No market here for contemporary/avante garde art.

Had the breaks and exposure in art here with the gallery but no financial rewards. Red ink continues to flow.

Feel like I am doing charity work; artists always trying to get the gallery to pick up all the costs.

Don't think it's possible to make a living here as an artist for 99% of the residing artists here.

So much talent here goes to waste and energy is redirected to more routine, pragmatic work to earn a living.

SOHO too is dedicated to promoting real aesthetic progress through visual and conceptual experimentation; much has passed in these shows WITHOUT public recognition of the artists or the gallery; minimum improved public art awareness or documentation by press. For example, Fae Yamaguchi's masterpiece conceptual stairway interactive scuptures for most, never happened.

I'm ready to return to a more reclusive and private life; hey, just do my art. After a year and a half of "banging the drums for art" I never really met anyone who was willing to help me carry on the crusade to make Honolulu a more dynamic place for new art discovery.

Receptivity for new art just isn't here, probably also not just limited to the arts.

We're about to lose our city ballet and the Honolulu Symphony is also in financial trouble; I wonder why.

There is a lot of favoritism, apathy for aspiring artists by the press and public, negativism about the gallery location and the Kalihi neighborhood itself cannot relate to the gallery events nor does it have any interest in art in general. Can't feed art to those on welfare.

Everybody seems too busy making a living to get involved, including the artists sector that the galelry is trying to serve.

This gallery venture is probably the final therapy Disco Doc needed to give up his aesthetic ambitions and getting on with a more normal lifestyle.