Rejection of Kent Warshauer's Exhibit Proposal


From the Journal of Rodney Chang

May 19, 1986


Dear Kent,

Although my interest in your "bone art" remains, I will have to go along with the decisions of my business manager and also attorney Judith Jackman, a supporter of artists' causes. Please do not display these pieces of sculpture with human bones in them. However I still look forward to exhibiting your other "junk metal" welded works at SOHO too Gallery & Loft. The piece you showed at Honolulu Hale (including a bicycle) is really neat - and weird.

Judith Jackman checked the Hawaii Revised Statutory laws and reported to me that No. 338-25.5 makes it illegal to harbor any human remains, no matter how or where attained. By law there is no difference between a piece of found human bone and the harboring of a total dead body. That comes under "desecration of the dead" and is A CRIMINAL ACT under the penal code.

I understand how you feel about the bones and disaster rescue team degree of clean up. However I cannot risk a lawsuit jointly holding me and the gallery as collaborators in this exhibit....

However I am looking forward to your contributions to the group show, "Stanlety Street and Other Sorrows." Great looking invitation. None of my dental staff recognized you!



Sincerely yours,

Rodney Chang, D.D.S.