Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.

"Something For Everybody"
- find best artists for each genre to create a database of inventory

Artists: contact Sue Corbin at
Include a few jpeg sample of your art in the email


1.     Landscapes

a.    4 Seasons spring, summer, winter, fall

b.     American regions NE, SW, W (CA)

c.      Seascape, Mountains, Desert, Pastures, Lakes, Rivers

d.     Special Volcano, Waterfall

e.      Night scenes Moonlit, by candlelight

f.       Time of Day morning, sunset, dusk, late afternoon, sunrise

g.     European

h.     Asian

i.        Tropical, Hawaiiana, Polynesia

2.     Subject Matter

a.    Flowers, floral arrangements

b.     Pets dog, cat, bird

c.      Fish

d.     Foliage, leaves

e.      Still life settings

f.       The Figure, nude, female, male, children

g.      Automobile

h.      Food items, fruits, wine bottle/glass

i.         Western/Indian

j.        Animals ex. Horses

3.     Historical

a.    Buildings, Main Streets

b.     Architectural types Cape Cod, Adobe, Cabin, Victorian, Ranch, Modern, etc.

c.      Antiques

d.     Portraits

4.     Religious

5.     Spiritual

6.     Abstract

7.     Erotic

8.     art historical styles Impressionism, Expressionism, Modernism, Realistic/Representational, thick palette knife, watercolor, collage, digital, mixed medium (including painting element)

9.     New Age, Psychic, Symbolism

10. Gothic, Supernatural, Extraterrestrial