Notes from the Diary of Rodney Chang

July 14, 19994



1. A second small exhibit of my works at Las Vegas Art Museum - matted and framed digital prints

From Souther Nevada's WESTART, September 9, 1994 - You have until September 26 to see the latest examples of Dr. Rodney Chang's computer art at the Las Vegas Art Museum. In 1990 Dr. Chang (who lives in Hawaii) exhibited his larger works in the Museum. These are 8x10, in multiples of 100, and may be ordered unframed for $20. (with 50% going to the Art Museum) - Vivian Woods, Arts Editor


2. 300+ new works on the Mac fx for 1994

3. For my new home, building high ceiling gallery, computer stations, multi-media room, display case for sculpture, library and "visiting artist" guest room

4. 2 full pages in 1994 Encyclopedia of Living Artists '94

5. Framed computer works at Arts of Paradise Gallery at Waikiki, Honolulu

6. Moving painting storage to new home in December



From the artist's diary, logged September 15, 1979 -

"If I had my way when I build a house someday...."

" - a disco room could be built into an entertainment area with adjacent lounge.."

"I'd build a house on a budget... with unabashed creativity."

"- heavy emphasis on rheostat variable lighting."

"much indirect lighting with fixtures hidden."

"(open) mahogany ceilings varnished with exposed chrome plated plumbing."

"lots of mirrors to move the psychological spaces of walls and windows back and forth."

"use the two visual realities of indoors and outdoors with mirrors as a balancing act."

"small modern conveniences to enhance a futuristic quality... such as elevator, spiral staircase, firemen's pole and conveyor belt to move snacks from kitchen and back to it."

"glass or plastic lookout cockpits to view outdoors"

"masterbath with outside moss rock waterfall and shower garden"

"integrate house, furnishings and personal artwork into one inhabitable module"

"we dwell in solitary rectilinear cells because that is the cheapest way to enclose space"

"we possess learned spatial constancies, like architectural styels, that can be tinkered with through art"

Postscript 1999- Most of the above, although presented to the architect, were not incorporated into the Pygoya House due to inability to conceive by limitations of the architect's creativity, conservation of her design/drafting time and lack of interest in such liberal (for her) concepts.


1. May 28 - started excavation

2. July 2 - cement pouring of foundation

3. July 30 - started "framing"

4. August 19 - setting beams across living room

5. August 27 - framing 3rd floor

6. September 9 - roof framing started

7. September 7 - started plywood exteriors

8. October - exterior stucco application, I do the frontage because workers have no sense of aesthetic textural control, even with sampling done by myself.