Introduction and Greetings for Las Vegas Art Museum Web site by Curator James Mann, Ph.D.


The Las Vegas Art Museum is pleased to take the initiative in this exciting project. In today's diverse and chaotic culture, having an accessible venue for exhibiting one's work is an often insuperable hurdle for many artists of real excellence. LVAM hopes to help solve this problem by using the incomparable dissemination of the Internet. The opportunity the Internet provides for spreading knowledge of new artists and art movements is unparalleled in previous art history. A historic moment is now upon us, when worldwide distribution of visual art images has never been cheaper or more far-ranging. The Internet also provides the ultimate democratic forum for the viewing, evaluating, and promoting of worthy art which, before today, may have faced a struggle of decades to reach the sympathetic admirers potentially awaiting any new art produced by our culture. The Las Vegas Art Museum enthusiastically allies itself with this new technology, which will bring about changes in the world of art as profound as any since the Renaissance.


--James Mann, Ph.D.

LVAM Curator