Art Community has grown, but coverage has not


     It has been more than 10 years since Marcia Morse because the sole official art critic for the Honolulu newspapers.  Since then a new generation of artists and a myriad of new art forms have sprouted onto the scene.

     No one person could possibly do justice in covering this proliferation of island culture.

     If the newspapers continue to limit the written word of art to a solitary reviewer, then that post should be for a limited term.   This would ensure a periodic different point of view and new hope for artists' works that do not fare well under the scrutiny of one individual's aesthetic test parameters.  But nobody can be expected to be knowledgeable or appreciative of all styles of art.

     Without footing additional expenses, there is a readily available source of written art expertise.  Art organizations regularly employ non-resident artists of distinction to jury members' exhibits and to post written comment about the quality of entries.  Could not these statements also be printed routinely in the papers?

     This would provide the readership with an international commentary on island art and reduce the workload placed upon Morse to cover the expanse of shows deserving of critical attention and press coverage.


Dr. Rodney Chang
Association of Hawaii Artists