Proposal to Steven Pollard, Ph.D.

From Rodney Pygoya Chang,, Ph.D.

August 1, 2007


Hi Steve,

     I have reflected on your suggestion that I also think about titles as candidate of a potential digital art museum that we both can help establish.  The task clicked in at 4 a.m., making it impossible for me to return to sleep. So here I am, since 4:45 a.m., working on this "problem."

     Your request reminded me this isn't a novel search.  May I introduce you to a former solution that I selected.  My I introduce to you the Museum of Webism.  Please consider it.  I support this as a potential candidate for our mutual Big Island "museum" for the following reasons-

1. existing contemporary art movement based in the new art frontier/space of exhibiting - the Internet
2. with a worthy global mission by global participant artists of promoting peace and understanding among all peoples
3. 5 year solid leadership (based in Europe)
4. co-founder a local resident of the state of Hawaii
5. coiner of the "-ism" of art, "Webism," also me, already popularly branded as the Hawaiian digital artist pioneer and Webist figurehead
6. narrows down our art niche from the too general "digital art" domain of "art" (see diagram below)
7. already existing website started to complement our "brick n' mortar" museum -
    (it's based on a house in Honolulu that I designed in the 90s - ); through investment in the license with this Irish 3D graphics company, the museum could become a leader of displaying art on the Internet - any Webist who makes a "donation" can have a whole room of his/her art as part of the tunneling museum space, with their name on the wall, such as "The Pollard Wing/Hall/Room/Gallery"
8. the title builds upon the Webism movement and provides the Webists their own museum/gallery to come to roost, at a place on the planet many label "Paradise," and on its most sacred island where the volcano is still active and expanding the physical land
9. merely located IN Hawaii is sufficient, with online marketing, to draw visitor interest; locating between Hilo AND Volcano state park makes it a convenient stop for out-of-state visitors
10. within such a Webism, we can join forces and promote a "Cerebral Art" school, yours based on the therapeutic process, mine upon aesthetic theory applied to digital art; we can have a "research" room for such activity.  I already "publish" my results at  and I note so have you with your explanations of the abstract art on your web site, for example,
11.our project can be placed within my existing Hawaii C corporation for liability purposes; have to investigate the tax ramifications of a nonprofit organization under a C corporate umbrella
12.readymade motivation of all members to come and visit Hawaii and their home; a museum that will perpetuate as well as give formal recognition to their artwork and creative life efforts
13. "Museum of Webism" will add prestige to the cause, concrete power to the movement of Webism, and help expand membership globally
14. it would be global draw for Hawaii's tourism, and to the Big Island, not Oahu or Maui
15. it would further expand the distinction and identity of the Big Island as culturally significant to the world, beyond local Hawaiiana, which is the major mission of the Hilo cultural center
16. I can contribute some huge painted canvases based upon digital art design, my "Cyberpaintings"
17. We can startup a permanent collection for the museum with the top digital artist's contribution, a $25,000 giclee print by Laurence Gartel (we can invite and fly him in later for the unveiling) - he would assist to promote the museum in Hawaii through his network - NYC, Miami, LA/Hollywood, London, Munich
18. with adequate acreage, a variance for culture and the arts from existing ag land, the cheapest construction is prefab dwellings, even warehouse construction, to expand exhibit and activity space
19. selecting Webism as the focus and identity of our art museum, we can add a cyberart-in-residence program like I drafted up for the Las Vegas Museum; thereby securing a live-in assistant at the premises to help manage the facility
20.a "museum" signals a cultural mission of values and education; it can expand into art classes and group/individual empowering through guidance as well as meditation (beautiful landscaping!)
21. a sure money maker to "support the museum" is the Giftshop - and gallery
22. being there on the island, you recruit artists' help (what digital artist wouldn't want to be associated with a museum?) and help manage; I'll invest and expand, to include info on the physical museum, complete with photographs, calendar of events, etc.
23. as a digital art form, we can offer reasonable/competitive printing to membership, especially those who have work that has been accepted into the museum's permanent collection; why print and mail when it's easier to print and frame on location?
24. from the museum mini-print shows (you print, generate a fee per artist) can be exhibited then launched as traveling shows around the globe
25. you become a prominent, high important and contributing Webist for our cause instantly