July 28, 2004


Dearest Lois,


What a SPARKling encounter at the Inn at the Opera!  It was soooo nice to finally meet you and as a fringe benefit visualize what a beautiful woman and are and bride to be.  Thanks for reaching out and being so generous with yourself and resources.  Aunty Erlinda and Rochelle too were quite impressed with your congeniality, brains, and connectivity.


Well, survived a dayís work in the clinic and now caught up with email! Itís a chore you donít have to live with but still, I do recommend you get wired at least with email.  You can get free email at www.hotmail.com.  If no computer thereís always Internet cafes or libraries to access your email account.  But I cannot believe you donít have a laptop or box lying around someplace at home. 


Good news upon returning is the Webists (founded by your Uncle Py) now number 6-0! We always have exciting projects in planning.  For example an Austrian casino is requesting proposals from us to interact with them in some way. A major figure in our group, a famous Professor of Art in Munich, just sent his in.  I hope mine is chosen, - a keno board of art whereby gamblers pick the order of selection that an art judge/critic will later jury.  Pick the right combo and big bucks pay out.  Ah, connecting art with gambling.  Another first threshold in the display of art OUTSIDE of museum and gallery sacred walls.


Not that I wouldnít want to get back into museums again.  But this time Iíd be more interested in securing wall space on museum walls in the contemporary vein, post-modern.  As I said at the inn, I intentionally disguise my works to be more painterly than digital so it would even be a larger victory to hang in a contemporary paintings room instead of a token digital/techie/multi-media area.  My works are truly paintings, extensions as it were, of previous Modernists and Post-Modernists directions in Western art. 


As I also expressed, some works reveal my Asian roots, now assimilated like my own Self into an American way of life but yet visible and contributing to the gestalt of my work.  I believe such a piece would be a great contribution if not RARE insight to one Asianís artistís involvement with the latest digital medium, display itís power as a new art tool yet remaining true to traditional Asian aesthetic sensitivities.  For example, a calligraphic and weighting towards black and white and muted colors minimally used as to not over-stimulate the eyes.


I have my most treasured new growing body of works, 16x20Ē oil on canvases.  As a Ďpainting designerí (most say ďWhat the hell is that?Ē which reassures me I am on un-trodden grounds) , these were rendered by professional artists faithfully reproducing my original digital images.  I have no problem, like old masters who had others risk their necks do the actual painted murals on cathedral domes, in collaborating with other artists for the sake of manifesting my artistic statements and desires.  Iím sure your own father solicits assistance in doing some of the grunt work in sculpture, like sanding, and polishing metal and wood.


What I am thinking is to propose the donation of one of my favorite pieces from this small collection of latest oils for the Asian Museum.  Iíd pick one with heavy Asian influences as to be instantly identifiable as Asian, even as it hangs together through digital and oil means.  I can send photos or you can access what they look like once I photo document , scan , and upload to a Web page.  I have not broken up the set , now 32 pieces, have taken 20 to the giclee print edition capability (using a local large format printing firm, inks guaranteed not to fade for 200 yrs under normal  museum lighting).

I am in no rush to lose one (of my babies) but for you, for the Chinese, for America, for a possibly historic update and image uplifting for the Asian Museum, Iíll make the sacrifice. Remember, I was the one and only American(-Chinese) invited for a solo at the Shanghai Art Museum (first floor, 100 works, ribbon cutting open ceremony with the mayor of Shanghai, way back in 1988) . Which means my first son, Bronson, note the year, was only a few months old when Daddy split for Communist China, and as a Golden Dragon astrologically.  That should be impressive to the Asian Museum and provide adequate credentialing to be considered for inclusion into the collection.  Part of the deal with the government back then was that I teach 1 week at the Shanghai University College of Fine Arts.  The best of the best students came from around the country to listen to my lecture on something they never heard of, ďComputer ArtĒ in America.  It was fun trying to convince them that the box could indeed make real art. I envisioned some to turn to my medium and thus myself serving as a catalyst of digital art in China as one of the pioneers of digital art in the USA ( for sure the first in Hawaii). Back in 1985 very few of us in the world were even trying to make Ďfine artsí with crude 16 color PCs.  An alternative contribution to the museum could be a 6x4í oil now hanging in a local show, designed and painted from such a box (Amiga 1000, processing power of only 1 meg!!!). Itís a historic painting and it would be a shame to lose it from the world of museum goers for a measly $5000 list price.  One other piece in this ongoing show in downtown Honoluluís Che Paste Cafť (open THROUGH AUGUST 31!!!!) just sold for the asking $3000.  Come by with TJ and represent the museum and we can take photos together as I donate it to the museum!  It would be an awesome victory for American Chinese.  I always envisioned such vintage 80s PC oil canvases (can you think of anybody else anywhere with such works available???) ending up on tech corporate walls, such as Apple, Microsoft, or Electronic Arts. EA is the hugest maker today of digital games but few remember their first product was Deluxe Paint for the Amiga 1000 which is the software I used to create this painting!!!!! Now what would this particular work (itís part of a series of such paintings) be worth, if in fact, EA gave a damn about THEIR ROOTS?????? Think about it. You as agent, could approach and ask at least $10,000 , a drop in a bucket, a tax write off, a golden opportunity for EA to display a historic work of art done with their first product before they coped out and made games intead of more innovative graphic software. 


I know you will be so busy you wonít have any time soon for getting my art to the retreat gallery. Whatís the galleryís name?  To keep things simple, Iíll send two small prints that easily fits in readymade frames to keep the workload down for you and me.  Not as impressive as a couple thousand dollar original painting but itís a start. Is this OK? The 16x20í oils I believe would be HOT in this market, asking 2 to 3K.  But laters.  I would also like to send an 11x14 awesome giclee/signed print by Ingrid Kamerbeek of Germany. 


What is the name of the gallery? Where shall I send the works? Better to send the paper prints and frame there, cheaper, donít have to drive around looking for plexiglass substituate for glass, you know this.  As soon as I get snailmail word back from you Iíll mail out.  Gosh, if only you had email Iíd probably get word back from you today. See how not being wired is out of sync with us nerds pace in accelerating Ďthe art process?Ē Not to mention global reach for show opportunities abroad.  Wish you had a web site with art then you would qualify to receive almost daily invites to shows anywhere your heart desires.  The first step to attending one of your own shows in Europe, a nice excuse to finally go there and also write off the trip.


Maybe itís fate but upon coming home thereís email (see, this email connectivity again) from Cecil Herring. Had not heard from her for years, gave her a show at lastplace.com way back in the 90s.  She just happens to be Americaís Space artist, has works on permanent display at NASA!!!  Told her of the Spaceship proposal and she said sheís been trying to get art into outers space for 7 years! Imagine if we launched without her, the poor dear!  Sheís sooo psyched, now informed about the Webist opportunity and is signing up with Ingrid   - www.artingrid.de and will be instantly included in the planning committee for this project, of which you are already a part of.  Some will be contacting you. Would have already if you had emailÖ.. You and Cecil just have to get connected as you both share the same resources and sheís the leading space artist and already has inroads for this project with the right agencies.  See, itís gotta be fate of some sort for all to be happening with some sort of chronological synchronicity.


OK, donít want to stay at this box any longer, been add this for hours, gotta go out and do something stupid like paint the fence.


Believe me when I say I walked around like a dumb mule carrying shopping bags for the ladies after your visit. My mind was swirling with so much that transpired between you and me, between what, 10 cups of coffee?  Thank you so much, dear, for making the efforts, the 3 mile walk to a post office, the backing into a tight parking space, for being YOU.



Uncle Pygoya


(sorry honey, I donít proof read and correct typos, grammer, wste of tinme, scrw it, life is too short for perfection)