or Art Exploratory Series

If anyone uses an idea for a series of works,  please
invite Rodney Chang to review it online, ATTN-Rodney Chang




1. Art Materials, its packaging as the art subject matter

2. Frames as the Art - paint on the frames

3. Art Traps - series of mixed media works using mousetraps and roach traps

4. Art Houses -blueprints and models of homes as art experience in themselves

5. Lava Rock scuptures

6. Living Plants incorporated into mixed media sculpture; incorporate some bonzai plants

7. Neo Pop Neon artworks

8. Invention Art

9. Dental Art - dental tools and supplies

10. Ocean Art - floating works

11. Mountain Art - install up in mountains

12. Magic Art - combine magic tricks with art results

13. Skies series

14. Processes Art - copy paper series, dyes, ice, fire, energy of rain, cracked mud prints, etc.

15. Music Art - disco, strobe, photosensitive film, sound

16. Graffetti Art

17. Firework Effects Art

18. Insect Art

19. Kite Art

20. TV Art

21. Space Art -ex. orbiting crucifix

22. Interior Art

23. Road Art - chulks of asphalt, painted hard edge lines, other areas expressionistic brushstrokes

24. Copy Art

25. Projected Art

26. Boat Art - use sonar, navigating instrument recordings, organic dyes photographed behind boat from above

27. Noodle /Food Art

28. Body Art - moldes, roll ons, step on, imprinting, body part through canvas surfaces/photograph

29. Kinetic Art

30. Tripod Art

31. Light Bulb Art

32. Folding paintings with handles and wheels

33. Behavior Art - animal behavior modification

34. Aquarium Art

35. Net Art


Disco Doc and Staff, 1979