There's no hope when leaders make the same mistake twice! Why pick a dopey looking savenger with a name local kids cannot spell?  Note its parrot-like beaks used to break off living coral, as if global warming wasn't doing enough damage to the dying reefs.  Plus, to fishermen, the fish is a PEST that steals bait from the hook and is always thrown back as its leathery skin is tough to remove and it's not good eating.  In fact, because its sharp beak often breaks the pole's nylon line (causing the loss of hook, bait, and sinker), if it is landed many a times it's not tossed back but stomped on.  Lastly it's not even indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands but an invader of the local reef fauna.

 If you ask me, the politicians should choose the Puffer fish, with the way our local housing as BALLOONED beyond the means of the average 2-3 job holding middle class worker (ring a bell, Santa Feans?).  With the Hawaii house prices bloated just less than a few mainland cities, it's only a matter of time before a prick pops the bubble and this house of cards comes tumbling down. But then again maybe the panel is looking far ahead.  The humuhumunukanuka (did I spell it right? - not bothering to check) is very hardy - like most savengers at the bottom of the food chain - it can survive sewage spills quite well!

Rodney Chang, Honolulu artist