Feb. 12, 2009

It's getting montonous

Dear Rui,

The fact that the odds are only about one in nine to make the show doesn't dull the disappointment that one's work is rejected once more. How many years, as investment in time, effort, belief, and finances does a worthy artist expend - after repetitious rejections - before the creative flame is finally extinguished?  Judging my own art as a baseline, I believe HAA can do better for its plethora of creative and very talented artists that reside in the islands.
"Unfortunately"- every year there is no reason to read further - can be changed to something more positive that doesn't cause the state and institution anything.
I recommend a second tier of "recognition" to provide support of local worthy artists (who cannot survive the insurmountable entry odds) with some degree of distinction (at least for the effort of entering against such odds as well as the loss of personal revenue).  How about a form letter signed by you for "Honorable Mention" or "Artist of Distinction in the State of Hawaii"?  Such letters of support encourages the artist to continue his or her quest to aspire to fabricate work worthy of museum presence.
Or better yet, how about informing artists that the work submitted will be kept in a special category of the museum that will be archived for historical reference.  Such documentation would keep a pulse on the history of working local artists for that year.  Well, for those who bother to make the effort to submit and pay to be examined for worthiness.  A folder with jpegs in hard drive cost nothing to the institution but might do wonders for the artists.  At least their effort is documented, recognized, and on file.   Who knows, this reservoir of artists might serve for spin off shows outside the museum to provide educational and cultural shows in the community.  After participating in "Artists of Hawaii" over two decades (record of 3-10), nothing ever comes of this pursuit.  I'd be totally surprise to receive news that one of my past submitted pieces is welcome to be in this-or-that local show sponsored for  so-or-so for some kind of community outreach display.
Please understand I am not perturbed by the day's rejections as I have been a perennially loser that it's almost an expectation not to get in and a part of the brain has already gone numb to this event.  It's just that I think more can be done to support worthy artist than just picking a few and rejecting quality based upon wall space.

Rodney Chang*

Rui Sasaki wrote:

CaFÉ login: pygoya
Image Name: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Rodney Chang:

Thank you for submitting your work for consideration to the Honolulu Academy of Art's biennial juried exhibition ARTISTS OF HAWAI’I, 2009.

Unfortunately, the work listed above was not selected by our invited juror, Laura Hoptman. If you applied with more than one artwork, a separate email will be sent notifying you of the invited piece(s). You can also check the final results through your profile on the CaFE webiste (www.callforentry.org).

We received 951 entries this year, from which 86 artworks were selected. In shaping the exhibition, many works of great substance and quality fell outside of the juror's overarching concept, which we hope you will understand is an important part of the process in assembling a coherent group exhibition.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Academy and in this biennial exhibition. We encourage you to consider reapplying for ARTISTS OF HAWAI’I, 2011.

Rui Sasaki
Assistant Curator, Special Projects
Honolulu Academy of Arts
900 Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814