Hit and Survive



Came home and talked to B about survival on the football field. Said for example, that bull of 265lbs will be coming full speed at smaller P backfield. B to survive, has to show leadership and brains. Know that this big boy is coming at them to make them fly off him. But if they work as a team and gang up on this main offensive powerhouse, 150+150 is heavier than 265lbs. The best way to survive this 30 times in a game coming at you like a train is to hit.  Or you will have broken bones. That's football. The coach put B on defense even as he selected the offensive position of receiver.   Now he HAS to think like an aggressive HITTER. Hit or get Hit. If they know you're afraid they will keep coming at you on your side of the field. That's football. B has to get respect from the other team and their coach at the start or be intimidated throughout the game.  He has to get one of the team members to hold the guy around the waist (or B) and the other guy come full speed , leave the ground, and fly into the runner and knock him flat. That's football. The other side coach will see how vicious B is and will try to avoid running on the side of the field that he's responsible for.  Hurt first or get hurt.  There is no other game mentality in Am. football. Cannot be afraid to fly and kick the other guy's butt or you will be the victim.
B said he knows this. He was to develop the taste to hurt or get hurt himself. There is no philosophy that can take away the hurt of getting hit unconscious and be put into an ambulance. All this violence, even at high school, is LEGAL.  B wants to play, so he should know the reality of this vicious game to survive the season. BE A HITTER THAT THE OTHER TEAM RESPECT. BUT BECAUSE HE'S SO LIGHT, HE NEEDS TO GET THE OTHER GUYS TO HIT HARD TOO SO THEY CAN BRING DOWN ANY GUY BUILT LIKE A BULL. It's a war out there.

July 2. 2005



Just back from Rumours. Bad News from Karen. Ala Moana Hotel, Waikiki, just converted from hotel to condo units. the new owner association does't want the liability of fights among drunks. So RUMOURS IS CLOSING DOWN IN SEPT. THERE GOES HISTORY! End of Disco Doc's hangout.