Hi Dad,
Yes, that was definitely the best game of the season.  An unbelievable game I will never forget.  My most memorable moment of that game was running out of the tunnel to start the game.  All the other games, I waited for that special "running out of the tunnel feeling", sometimes I felt it and sometimes not so much.  But this game, I really felt it.  The crowds roaring, I proudly ran out of the tunnel, exactly like Rudy in the movie.  It was great! 
I am so glad I went for this great opportunity of playing football.  I accomplished a childhood dream and the dream turned out even greater than I imagined.  I learned many life-long lessons from playing football and experienced everything I dreamed of and more.  I even got to sign autographs for Kindergarteners and 1st graders the day before the big game.  I signed about a 100, shirts, hats, papers.  As they lined the signing tables, I recalled when I used to chase football players for their autographs, and now I was the one getting chased and signing.  The next day, one kid came up to me after the Pep rally and said, "#40, Remember me?" as he turned around displaying his shirt scribbled with the autographs from the day before.  That definitely was a special moment of the handfuls of these throughout the season.   
Thanks for all your support this season, it really meant alot to me.  I hope you enjoyed the experience too, it really was fun.         
Bronson, #40



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Hi Bronson,
Well we all sure enjoyed a fantastic high school football season with you as OUR star.  Thanks for the memories. Too bad Kan threw into double coverage ruining a possible cinderella ending. oh well, that's life. I was surprise to see Punahou play Kahuku equal, know of their powerful running game and Kan's tendency to make errant pass judgments.  Houston showed afterwards he really was a fan of Punahou even if he never expressed it to me the whole season. Even game up to my bedroom when I was trying to sleep to talk about the loss and cry!!! So for me this is one of the best results of you playing football; Houston showed he has feelings and came to open up to me for a moment before becoming mr. tough guy again.  thanks Bronson, and as your dad, glad you came through the season unhurt. You are so brave in my books, more courage than I have. Guess forever all will remember how close you all got to becoming State champions; like the Kahuku coach said in the paper, "could have gone either way."  And they were way larger. I know you all will take this season and last game to heart throughout life and it really teaches all of you character and about life.