June 2008


Dear Dr. Chang,

Thanks so much for your interest in the Governor's Cup!  We are pleased you
are thinking of coming to Helena for the marathon, and are also intrigued
by your idea of exhibiting your art while you are here.

With regard to the art museum, I would like to put you in touch with Liz
Gans, who directs the Holter Museum of Art in Helena.  I have copied her on
this message, and suggest you communicate with Liz directly to determine
the possibilities of exhibiting.  I know she will be able to assist you.

Secondly, the Marathon Course is open from 5:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., 8 1/2
hours, if you start the race with those who walk.  The official marathon
event start time is 7:00 a.m., which allows you a seven hour window.  The
course is flatter and faster than it used to be since we revised it last
year, if that is of help!

The Park Plaza is the host hotel, although I honestly don't know how
reservations for Governor's Cup weekend are progressing.  There are several
hotels within the downtown area and even the outlying motels are not that
far.  Please refer to our list on the web site for other accommodations as

I did a quick check of the Helena phone book and did not find your cousin
listed.  Is there another way you might be able to track him down?  Perhaps
his number is unlisted and he is still here.  Sorry I can't be of more help
to you there!

Please don't hesitate to contact me for additional information or any other
assistance you might need.  I hope we see you in June!


Trinda Smith
Caring Foundation of Montana, Inc.
(406) 444-8261 or Cell (406) 439-3924

"Blessed is the man who has some congenial work, some occupation in which
he can put his heart."
--John Burroughs

                             To:       trinda@caring4kidsmt.com                                                     
                                               Subject:  Inquiry about the Helena marathon of 2008                                    
                      01/30/2008 06:44   PM                                                                                            

Dear Trinda,

Hmmm, Helena, Montana marathon.   I am a Honolulu dentist-artist,
searching for a marathon run in June.
I spotted your run on the internet via marathonguide.com.

I have two questions - is there a *time limit to finish *for the
marathon?  I'm 62.

The second question is I wonder if I could show my latest digital
artworks again in the Helena Art Museum.  I had a solo
exhibit there way back in 1990.  At that time I simply shipped my
works.  This time it would be wonderful to actually visit the museum and
17 years of progress in the medium as well as participate in your
marathon.  It would be my 23rd finish (hopefully).  I could give an art
talk about my decades in the medium if any group is interested.

Here are some sample of my more recent works-

Another reason Helena is intriguing is because I have a long lost
cousin, Reverend Randy Chang, who decades ago left the islands to
preach in Helena!  I never saw him again.  Wonder if you or anyone knows
of him... if he's still in Helena.

I hear Montana is beautiful country and this could be my chance to see
your part of the country.

If I do come, guess the Park Plaza is the place to be for runners?

Dr. Rodney Chang