GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS-Submitted April 3, 2011

I, Rodney Pygoya Chang, M.A.(Art),Ph.D.(Art Psychology,1980), have created the smallest work of fine art in the world. It is a combination of the historical aesthetic constructs of Conceptual Art with the new medium (and fastest growing art medium on a global scale)of Digital Fine Art. I also have the longest artwork online. Details follow.

In 1997 I launched "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum" at

At the present, 2011, it is listed first in Goggle with the keywords of "internet, art, museum" - among 8 million Results/links.

Within the website, over 75,000 visitors have clicked on the link,, and viewed "The Pixel." 

As a Conceptualist (M.A., Studio Art, 1975) and pioneer/lst generation digital artist, I declared the pixel I placed - within a digital frame, as "art." To me that specific pixel, is the irreducible building block of ALL digital artwork. It is also a symbol of the new art form that is spawned on the Internet for its all pervasive culture. This includes the many works created for "Pixelism"- my "ism" of art consisting of works consisting of oil on canvas - paintings- that replicate pixels of the computer monitor (1985-1999). Instead of printing out the digital image, I made "Paintouts" as digital image "simulations."

As a major contributor and promoter of digital fine art, I hope Guinness World Records has established the art medium as a legitimate art form. The Whitney Museum in New York has a separate department and exhibit area just for the medium. Online, my virtual museum is listed among "real" physical world art museums at the more liberal web sites.

In summary, I submit to you the following record(s) which I hope you will consider as to declare official records-

1. The smallest artwork in the world - a single pixel (online since 1997; "The Pixel," (1997)
2. The longest online digital artwork in the world (online since 1997); "Dipstick," (1997)
3. New art if not first "-ism" of fine art, that of "Pixelism," emerging from the new digital graphics medium (1985)
Reference -
4. If not 1.(the smallest artwork), then at least "the smallest fine arts digital art," - the single pixel (captured with specific RGB qualities in my original jpeg file, and replicated on any internet user's electronic device when the web page with jpeg file is downloaded)
5. (As evidence of my background, and possibly a record in its own right): lst American computer/digital artist to exhibit (Solo exhibition invitation) at the Shanghai State Art Museum and possibly all of China (October,1988)
Reference -

contact: Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang,
Dentist of lst discotheque reception area in a private dental clinic/office (Honolulu, Hawaii, 1979-1997) SHOULD I SUBMIT THIS ITEM? It was televised around the world at the time, 1979-documentations of TV shows in USA, Australia, Germany, Japan)


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