Good Morning LI,

Merry Christmas, Happy Spring,  Happy Birthdays, and Happy New 2014 for both you and for Tom!

I have been waiting forever for these books to come to my clinic, even drove to local post office to doublecheck. Said not yet.
Turns out, checking record of sale, went to your address!!!!  So these are yours to keep as presents.  Personal copies, (now you have Night Flights volumes -
for you and for Tom, personal copies!) as well as the latest updated version of Voggy Visions (improved over the one that you read).  One copy for Tom?
The rest you can sell and use for Webism bills or donate to friends or library.  Consider this box of books a gift from Py for hard work as cofounder of Webism.
Tell me how much I owe for toll to Germany. I will send money - how do I do this?  I forget....

Anyway, good mood - hey sending the books is meant to be - magical good things have been happening, like yesterday:

Publisher did call - said Sorry, Just back to Mexico , so now lets get to work.  Gave me assignments:

1. Sent photo of Rochelle on big banner in IU theater - good thing I photoed at graduation; will be on June cover of his Mexico, California, Hawaii magazine (60,000 copies circulation)!
2. She is home, has assignment from me, from magazine, to write something about herself so cover has meaning with inside explanation story.
3. Next month, story about Andrea's Gardens, maybe also cover of gardens in color!
4. That's June, July issues.  Then August issue, story about HOPA!
5. "You're last," Ron Lo'pez, the Mexican says. September, story of Pygoya and Webism!
6. Hired, first magazine staff position (no pay, volunteer), as Arts Writer for Mahogany; wants one article every month, my selection, from book I gave him in airplane - "The Artist Who Thinks Too Much" which I brought along to have something to read on long flights.  So more Webism stories.
7. Agreed to pay $150 a month for display ad in magazine for HOPA so Bronson biz can have lst exposure in Mexico, LA, California, and also homestate of Hawaii.  Regular for larger space for $285 regular price.

8. Erlinda skeptical when I called and told her good news about Roch on cover. Her response:  "What's the cost? Nothing free."  I hang up angry.  So I drove to HOPA after work instead of go home and argue.  Eat some nice shave ice to COOL off.  Tell Clayton good news of my donation to once again support HOPA.  When I was JUST about to go after finishing the snack, Chinese (beautiful) woman came in to hug Uncle Clay. Friend.  He introduce his brother sitting at table with finished shave ice.  She is full of energy, a 50-yr flirt, sexy body, looks 40.  Turns out she is aspiring writer, "writing every day a little  only in Chinese, short stories, dreaming to publish someday."  She saw last copy of Vol 2 of Night Flight (Vol 1 long gone, almost no Vol 2 so this order for more books before none in HOPA, which I buy and donate to HOPA - they keep the complete purchase price of $10 each book). She gets so excited to buy the last copy and tells Clay, "Where have you been hiding your genius brother?" .   Long story short, she bought it, also wants to by Thinks too much (only one copy there, worn, as info about artist's prints for sale there for HOPA donation too), AND volunteered to for free to translate all of Vol 2 into Chinese language!!!!  She travels back and fourth to Shanghai and will then search for a publisher!!!!  I have an unofficial book agent!  Then she ask if this is my favorite book, if I wrote more stuff.  I said, No, this is for general family reading.  I personally like my LAST novel ('you wrote other novels?" - gets more impressed) - Voggy Visions.  "Voggy Visions? About this bad vog air I hate here?"  "Yeah, but not as bad air pollution as in Shanghai and Bejing, right?"   "Yes, you are correct."  I don't have Voggy V here to sell because its has hot sex and violence in it; it's a novel I wrote for men.  After I said that, this woman, Miss Wang, looked me in the eye and said, "I want to get this book; I love sexy books."  wow.  Looks like sweet Chinese girl, but... liberated Asian woman for sure.  So 2 more sales- she buys Thinks too much and VV too for $20.   Also wants to come in and fix her front teeth "to make me look more pretty." "I trush you because you are an artist."

9. Then high school boy working behind counter with Uncle Clay, hears this and shouts, "I am almost finish with school and have nothing to do this summer.' (looks like little nerd).  "I volunteer to also translate your book in Japanese. "  I feel obligated, Wang is listening.  I say, "I can pay something..." (Wang is listening).  He says the perfect answer:  "Oh NO... I want to do this for free because I want to."   wow

Maybe LI translate VV in German?  Put name on German version as Translated by Ingrid Kamerbeek?  Hahahahahahaha! I know you are too busy.
Just a stupid thought.

OK, time for coffee , oatmeal, and go run the miles in now hot sun for sake of Kona coming too fast. 

Just reorder my books to come to 119 N King st. and will definitely this time read bottom went "Shipped Order" email arrives, not just this sentence.



Hmm, getting no where with writing all these books in English. Maybe, pushing 70, now life takes me towards translations?  Some articles for Mahogany maybe translated into Spanish, NF 2 in Chinese and Japanese?
Wang said, when I described VV, "It's sounds like a movie."  Maybe if in German, become European movie production?  Beat the too slow Hollywood industry?  Maybe NF1 or 2 in German if don't want to read VV again?
Maybe I can pay you slowly for time?  Or you have friend who would love to read this material and do translation?  Just some thoughts, to following little mistake of books want to go to you, not me.


Oh yeah, and content art psy concepts of Artist Who Thinks Too Much already translated into Russian by S.V. Erohin now PhD at Moscow U. with doctorate in Aesthetic Philosophy, using this book art theories as part of doctoral  thesis, comparing my ideas against historic and Russian art critics concepts about what is "art."

Знаковая фигура в современном американском искусстве, Чан один из пионеров и активный пропагандист компьютерного и сетевого искусства, основатель и лидер движения Вебистов, объединяющего около 100 художников по всему миру. Книга содержит не только анализ его художественного творчества и критическое изложение научных теорий, но и теоретические замечания, связанные с распространением цифровых и сетевых технологий в современном изобразительном искусстве.