Email to Jodi, operator of, to remind her that my blog was missing but scheduled to appear today- March 11, 2005

Dear Jodi,

You're a doll. Thanks. You know, I'm really impressed with the corporate ambiance of Great job, don't know how you can keep it all maintained, especially with blogs coming due every so many days! You all must have great energy and dedication for art.  We fellow artists thank you kindly. 
I'm sorry about the family getting the flu bug. Where do you live? Still got snow?
OH YEAH, BABY, there's viruses here in the tropics too. Let me tell you my tale-


I'm now 59.5 so going through my 2nd mid-life crisis.  Maybe the reason for the spiritual blogs for now. Just retired from the disco dance floor since boogie-ing since 1975.  The secondary smoke in those places may yet be my demise.
Well I did OK in the Dec. Honolulu Marathon.  But then I get the crazy idea, first time in my life - the crisis - to run a marathon every 3 months!!!!  The next one is March 20th, the sparsely participated Hilo Marathon on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Country. Rural. My wife and I ship out of Honolulu on the 19th, then at 5 am I take a bus to nowhere and get dumped with the other sparse runners on a beach 26.2 miles out. When I reach (staying positive) the Finish Line she said to cell phone her at the hotel pool and she'll come fetch me in the rental car - if she didn't have too many Mai Tais! 

So I better bring cab fare.

The Big Problem is running another marathon so quickly after one completed is new for my (aging) body.  I was disappointed to find out it took one whole month for the ligaments, knees and muscle strains to disappear. One month shot in training for the next. Then, Jodi, I know you can empathize as you are down and out right now, I got the local flu.  Shit, and I had a flu shot like a good senior citizen should.  Ran through it (but lethargic and no energy), and got caught in the rain and wind (that's "winter" here).  So I got a relapse, a worse bronchial congestion with that hacking cough that keeps one up all night, not that I didn't need the sleep!  My wife left me.


She slept with our daughter downstairs and so far she's been lucky. Her Vegas business trip came and went in the middle of the duration of my coughing bugs all over the house.  Strong woman!  And she needs to stay that way as I still entertain a lingering cough.
So that's 2 months shot with inadequate training. 
Now this ordeal in no longer on the horizon but coming towards me like a freight train and I'm the paralyzed deer in it's head light.
9 days to my personal D-day!
But I have modified my goals, forget this time shit, macho thing, bringing along my digital camera like a good artist should and plan to capture wonderful rural scenes making it back to Hilo town.  This will the be best photo documented Hilo Marathon ever - well, no competition, there is no other online :=).
What's a guy to do with a looming 26.2 miles payable in full in just over a week?  Today, my "day off," I made the commitment on survival instincts and did my "homework."   I'm proud of myself, not knowing for sure what the total mileage dogging cars along busy Honolulu highways was until later when I drove and checked the odometer. 
Glory to God!  Was shooting for 18 but got a very sexy 21.2 miler!!!!!!!! Yeah Baby! (talking to my legs).  I pat my legs to show them my appreciation after very long runs.  Yeah, quirky.
Wow, 21, no wonder during the last segment of the run my legs were feeling rubbery; and I thought it was the aging. ;=)


A "hairy" moment happened to be after the run.  As I indulgently drove thereafter to measure the distance by car, while in the middle lane -with my cool Hawaiian jazz CD on -my left calf leg muscle started to cramp!. Trying to stay calm as the leg buckled out of shape, I sharply cut in front of the car in the right lane in order to get to the curve. The other leg took the cue and threatened to also cramp. Imagine, driving in the middle lane, and with a tail gater, with both legs ferociously cramping (and eyes squinting and teeth clenching).  

Talk about a driving distraction!  

Anyway I made it- jumped the curve to keep my car out of the right lane, painfully waited for the lane to clear so I could get out of the car and walk it off. I was not helped by a middle finger from the guy behind and other "rubber necks" looking inside the car to see if they could witness somebody having a heart attack. After the cramp disappeared, I continued my distance measurement.  My rear license plate holder reads "I do 26.2."

Before I leave this review of an accident avoided, I want to disclose what was also on my mind as my leg initiated its "I-want-to-cramp-even-if-it-kills-me."  This happened before on a shorter 7 miler a month ago. I was trapped in the passenger seat as my wife was driving. We were stuck in downtown traffic and I was not able to bail of the car to relieve the cramp. So it went full course through the whole excruciating cycle.  For the next few days I was limping even as I just walked. I could read my teenagers' minds : "Our old man expects to run the marathon and just look how pathetic he appears." 

So as this cramp started, I had extra motivation to get out that car ASAP, adding to my decision to dart in front of the car in the right lane close to me.  I just could not have another limp going into the marathon in a few days!

Hey, this spontaneous reply, from one sickly to another, could be edited into a blog!  All it needs is grammar/spell check and the photos of the beautiful coastline run (and through little Hawaiian sleepy x-plantation towns) THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ARTIST!
Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.  I told my body I didn't have a choice and to stopping clowning around with the flu. Maybe you too could shout to the bugs to get lost!