The flu, a case study (ME)


January 28, 2014  -  ran 10 miles, got caught in some rain on a constant windy conditions.  Went to snack shop after run, sat in air condition as I ate shave(d) ice.  Found myself quiet and less sociable.  A slight cough was evident.  That evening congestion to the point whereby I had difficulty swallowing due to thick mucus in the throat.  Nasal passages threated to clog up.    Incubation.  Took Airborne,  vit C powder pack, wore sweater even if sweating due to chills, Vaseline at nostrils to help keep passages open.  Hot tea, water

January 29, 2014 - full blown cold symptoms - hacking dry cough, low grade fever along with the chills, lethargy, slightly swollen eyelids, sweaty head hair. Big time cough; finally coughed up some yellow and some grey sputum from the lungs.   Airborne, Vit C powder again, aspirin before going to sleep at night.  Wake up every 1.5 hours or so from coughing, using restoom from taking in so much fluids.  Nausea. Cough drops. Constant low grade headache centered on forehead.  No appetitle; bowl of soup for dinner and for lunch. No bowel movement

January 30, 2014 - better but nagging dry cough, another small deposit into the bathroom sink of yellow sputum.  More water, cough syrup (Robussin). Lethargic, but better; had to go to work this day so took cough drops to get by in front of customers. Luckily half day only of work; went home and rested - between coughing spells. Still headache at forehead but not as bad as the day before.  No appetite, bowl of soup for dinner, lunch. Bowl movement but constipated; suggest all available liquid of stool saved by body.

January 31, 2014- better, no headache; actually feel some energy, enough to want to get about in the house on this day off.  Lots of water, broke down and had my morning coffee, felt hungry for eggs (protein). Along with the same soup (macaroni, Spam)  Cough syrup around noon.   After an hour it didn't help but now, 4 hours later, apparently the coughing is less and less - and less sporadic and violent enough to cause embarrassing flatuation at the same time.  In an hour, off to sumptuous dinner at best local Chinese restaurant to celebrate year of the horse (I am a Sagittariu, and rat).  Judging from how I now look forward to the meal and meeting up with the extended family, it seems my appetite is almost back to normal.  I skipped lunch to starve myself for this impending dinner but it was easy with less than my voracious appetite.  Did through the day and yesterday eat tangerines for the sweet juice and Cs.  Regular bowl movement.


I actually grateful that I might through this "cold" in less than a week.  I have a heavy schedule at the office tomorrow and need the energy.  I believe lots of rest, fluids, vitamin C, Airborne - and most important a concerned and loving wife, kept the cold to a minimum time.  Usually the cold is a virus, not bacteria, so I did not go to the doctor to 1. alleviate symptoms and 2. be given a prescription for antibiotics (for bacteria only), even if my wife suggested this.