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August 21, 2006




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then realize that I am reading a book now on how it doesn't matter whether aliens crashed at Roswell or not.  The folktale has grown into mythic stature, rooted in our postmodern dehumanizing and decrease in organized religion in Western society. Belief or hope in such a duality as life on Earth and a Space with intelligent form provides a substitute for  "'heaven' and earth."  My novel characters could be enriched by taking these needs of believers into consideration, adding my creative element of embellishment and fantasy while remaining true to the pillar tenets of the myth, such as the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and their flying saucers. As such, my novel of "fiction" enriches, massages the myth, and as such contributes to the legend of Roswell and its subsequent attraction as a tour site and hopefully the site to collect high end collectibles - art - besides the prevailing plastic junk and t-shirts, especially be those of the faithful that border on accepting the even as a religious experience.  There is hope for an after life via other space and dimension that supernatural beings can teach us to enter, maybe even gain immortality.  There are overlapping borders between the place of worship and the gallery filled with aesthetic artifacts that can be icons of faith for the believers.