Please forward to Dr. Don Burleson, UFO Festival 2007 Roswell, New Mexico <>

Saturday, June 02, 2007 9:36 PM

I wish to contact Dr. Don Burleson, PhD.
It may all be coincidence, but...
I was never into UFOs until 2004.
I am an experimental digital artist since 1985.  In the late 90s I was leaving on systems to image process automatically overnight without human editing/intervention.
One morning I was surprised to see what appeared to be a ghostly portrait of Marilyn Monroe. I wondered why her?
Then in researching for my soon to be released novel, "Roswell Encounter Gallery," I discovered Dr. Burleson's book.
He also turned out to be a graduate of Columbia Pacific University, CA, now closed.
I would like to share my novel of fiction with him as I include my image and his connection to UFOs.
I wanted to come this year to the UFO Museum (did in 2006) to share my book with the good people of Roswell but I have had no response to my offer. Only silence.
I hope Dr. Burleson, with his association with the museum and as a resident of Roswell and fellow alum of CPU, will write to me.
My book is available at and Vision Magazine probably will do a review on the novel of fiction.  But the character artist that discovers the Monroe image (reproduced in the book) is based upon my true experience.
I want to thank the doctor for bringing this insight about Monroe to me.  It has answered with satisfaction my long time wonder "why her"?
Please forward to Dr. Burleson.
Rodney Chang, MA, DDS, PhD