Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2004 7:13 PM
Subject: submit myself as disco dancer and patron

Your site says send info and wonder if I life fits into any of your categories for official recognition-
I am "Disco Doc," the dentist featured on America's then top rated tv show, NBC's Real People. I dared to show my unrelenting love for disco by designing my dental clinic with a discotheque reception room, complete with live DJ and turntables. That was back in 1979. From there I have been featured in other media around the world for that creative project.  But it wasn't just a way to get more business, today I continue to dance almost every Sat. and Friday nite in Waikiki Beach discos that play retro 80s disco.  I can dance the "classical way," but at this point have evolved my routines to include a mix of what came after disco through the decades.  If you go to my website of art (I am also a digital web-based artist),, there is info at the bottom about my efforts in studying the psychology and sociology of the disco scene and also some of my dance step insights to expand one's disco experience.  Most importantly, I give much credit to my love of disco, for the energy and spirit of much of my current art. Dancers I hope can feel the rhythm in my artwork, readily visible online.  Online I am "Pygoya," founder of Webism, or art that contributes to global cyberculture via the internet.  Here in Honolulu, pushing 60, running long distance, weight training, and disco together form a triad to keep me "young" and my disco dancing in top shape.  To me only, regretably through the lack of comprehension of government and their pigeon hole mentality, I shall never get local public recognition for my effort to keep disco alive and well here in the islands.  I think of myself as one of the last disco dancers, a legend consciously attempting to maintain disco heritage, to demonstrate (without shame) how we used to dance when these retro songs were no. 1 on the charts.  When I'm retired from dancing, I strongly feel the club scene will have lost a link to the past - and present, and future.  I FEEL SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE BEEN BORN AT THE RIGHT TIME TO REAP THE POWER, THE BEAT, OF DISCO, THE MUSIC OF MY LIFE, WITH THE COMING OF THE DIGITAL AGE AND THE INTERNET, ALL IN SOME TYPE OF TEMPORAL ALIGNMENT THAT HAS MADE MY LIFE SO FULLFILLING, SPIRITED, AND ROMANTIC!  GOD BLESS DISCO!
DISCO DOC, a.k.a as Rodney Chang, DDS, PhD (there's 8 more sheepskins) & Pygoya. 
By the way I finally got to perform in europe in a Frankfurt disco in 2003. 
Also, just for the record, I got to demonstrate my disco stylings in Shanghai, China in a disco (paying club cover charge for like 15 media reporters following me about town), when I was invited to solo at the Shanghai Art Museum (1988).  I also got to curate and organize India's first international digital art exhibition during which, I discovered Indian Techno music and dance in the local Calcutta clubs there.  You should add this to the list of disco intergrating with national cultures. 
Yours truly,
Disco Doc
(ps- ask any middle aged dentist in America and odds are a few will say, "Yeah, I remember the Disco Dentist I saw long ago on TV).
Any little public recognition for disco patronage and a life love affair with the medium (sometimes I think of it as art, me as a sculptural figure in disco sync) by such disco authorities as you would assist in providing psychological 'closure' for me.


Permit me to submit the following supportive links- -summarial biography  - many disco related writings, evidence how art, dance, and teeth become one in my life