Dear Dr. Pollard,


Had an OK 12 mile run post-Volcano. Portland Marathon is Oct. 7th. Looking forward to also using the opportunity to visit family there in close by Salem.


Some thoughts as I ran the 12-


My novel is about storytelling.  I guess it in sum is "preachy" for the alien's agenda to save our hides.  But I manage to insert digital art as a new medium for alien's to educate us to save the species and planet. So the story is also a means to expose my art (through Joey the dentist character) a broader audience and also elevate digital art as AN IMPORTANT ART MEDIUM.  Plus, at 59, I wanted to slow my art making as I've been doing it for decades, without financial compensation so I wanted to test if I was in a rut; compulsive maker. Nah. But writing became a tool to teach about digital art, at least my application.  And for a collector, instead of mere bio and list of shows and theoretical artist statements, they understand my brand of digital art through a palatable entertaining story.  In "Pygoya," my lst novel, instead of aliens, the Hawaiian spirit from the 17th century used digital art to free her soul from the earthly plane.  So again, digital art is one of the heroes. Interestingly I have a story on the backburner that is into its 4th draft. Amazingly, the main character - believe it or not - is a Honolulu clinical psychologist in private practice!  Talk about my need to flesh out this character.  Maybe later you'll consider to make the character come off more authentic.  In this story, once again, digital art saves the day and banishes the demon away in a client's head. Any interactive relationship on this project is fine with me, should you want to join or if you can find the time in your full schedule.  Co-authors is one route (shared copyright, publishing costs), or ghost editor (I pay however you wish, such as I buy two canvases at your site's list prices and you write). Or I just keep on writing on my own.  But it's an invitation for you to do what I'm doing.  Write to share you art process and vision, working with the clients in this fictitious practice setting.  Then when you sell your work to collectors, you have the same educational tool - impressive to the collector- of using fiction and the stature as a novelist to promote sales as well as build APPRECIATION of the art that goes beyond what they look like.  In essence, like me, you are the   EXPERT of your work because of the infusion of  the therapeutic process.  Your evaluation of the work thereby supercedes what a conventional juror of art shows judges the quality and worth of the works to be.  Just as I remain confident I am the best judge of aesthetic worth of my own creative efforts.  Lastly, the alien novel does have two elements I am proud to put into print.  One, it's an innovative thought of mine that the Roswell UFO crash was INTENTIONAL.  Two, there's this person in the Roswell Incident tale named Naomi.  She is the nurse who supposedly saw the entities at the military base hospital and who mysteriously vanished from the scene.  "Naomi" in my book was abducted and the mother of "Iris," the heroine.  If in fact there was a UFO incident, not a fallen weather balloon in the NM desert in '47, then my 2 hypotheses may be plausible and reality. Who's to say, right?
My thoughts during the run.