Dateline: January 25, 2013

On a personal level, Lastplace will be my last place, on this planet.

As I continue rounding the bases of life, I realize, conceived in 1999, is still a stillborn (incomplete).  But it dawned on me just the other night why I, of all people, got registered - for a unique, personal reason.  Besides a place to establish a virtual internet art museum that gathers, collects, protects, pioneering digital art globally as it is now possible via the resource of the World Wide Web.  Enlightenment has made me instruct immediate family to honor my request that be inscribed on my future tombstone.  It will serve another role.  It will be function as a life bio and documentation of a life engaged in imagination manifested to help make this a better world by contributing to culture.  Along with all the other artists who's works will remain within this perpetual virtual museum, I hope my own art endears.  I hope the efforts of evolving in digital art along with the progressive technology (since 1984; as well as logging the mental adjustments and aesthetic explorations along the way from traditional media to digital artist)  as well as writing of the state of mind of the artists via my publications, are of value (as history and as foundation of their own evolved art station in life) to future generations, born into a wired/wireless culture, not knowing first hand anything that came before.  (I witness how now the iPad has replaced the rattler, wondering if this is good or bad).  As I embark into 2013, I witness the transformation from wired (desktops, laptops) to wireless (tablets, smartphones) digital art.  Still primitive I suspect. Someday I envision floating holograms, cloud-based slide show ever-morphing images on the walls above our couches.  Maybe even just think, and we shall see (images of beauty).  The future of art is exciting.


Rodney Pygoya Chang