June 4, 2002, Pygoya's dream


Cycled Dream


We had arrived to fish in this large murky tropical pond. The water was as cloudy as the small koi pond we had at home - light obstructed by billions of algae cells, along with the pollution of organic material due to inadequate filtration. Anyway, the 3 kids got out their gear and started to ready their rod and reels. Me, the Papa, assisted my only girl, a little 11 year old. So her line was cast first, to the resentment of the older two brothers.

Suddenly this blackish shadow beneath the surface started to seemingly chase after little Ro's bait hook! It was huge! All four of us were excited when it hit the hook and curved that rod so much we thought it would break. Ro was shocked and started to lunge forward from the huge pulling force. Then she got her footing and began to fight this unknown monster with courage, to the disgust of the boys as they wanted to have this experience. Hey, "the early bird gets the worm."

As her prize emerged we realized it wasn't a fish! No, it wasn't a yellow submarine, but a lemon yellow-golden motorcycle! The same color as our favorite little school of Diamond kois at home. It looked brand new once we washed it down and wiped it up. It had all the extras, a VW type front, side protective fenders so that the rider had side doors, and lots of storage boxes on each side of the back portion of the machine. It was a gem of a cycle and looked quite expensive.

We left without fish but had this prize possession. We wondered, whose is it? How did it end up in the pond hidden from view? How long had it been there?

Turns out we ended up talking to an expert and he said it's worth $10,000 and appears to be in good condition. We told him we found it in the pond. He confirmed our unspoken fears when he said, "Maybe the rider is dead, on the bottom of the pond?." I paused, then replied, "How much will you give me for it"?