What started as merely a traditional print show in a small museum is continuing to grow into a historic global world exhibit, on tour to share the enjoyment and popularity of a group of works derived from the Internet.

The idea started when Pygoya was invited to have a solo cyberart exhibition at East Hawaii Cultural Center in Hilo, Hawaii. It was a successful first impression of Web digital art for the local folks of this Hawaiian town, second only in population to that of Honolulu. The brains of EHCC wanted to offer more of this new art venue and invited the artist to curate an international exhibition of cyberart for the museum. So Dr. Chang, or Pygoya, "surfed" the Web and came up with invitations to world artistS to exhibit specific works discovered by him on the Web in the group show. Photographs of the opening display how well received the works where by the local residents.

A successful museum show, for all the cyberartists, was almost in the books when Pygoya came up with the idea, on a jog around Diamond Head Crater, to challenge all the artists in the show turn this soon to close museum show into aN EXTENDED "traveling show." Each artist would assist the group in securing an exhibit location and dates limited to 2002.

The Germans in the show most impressed Pygoya with their excitement and commitment to the world tour concept. Ingrid Kamerbeek and Karin Kuhlman were chosen to be "Coordinators" of the cyber-continent hopping show. A poster that could be modified to feature a local artist's entry image for that artist's home city, along with downloadable printable postcard invitations, were made available by MASTER graphic artist Kuhlman. Ingrid has displayed stunning LEADERSHIP AND tenacity in persisting to encourage the artists to set show dates before a contrived deadline. Exhibits would only be listed on the poster IF ARTISTS PLEDGED SHOW dATES early in the year. Such strategy to assist artists to get world publicity and promote their name and work has been fruitful. As of March 1st with the absolute deadline looming, over half the 24 artists have provided the Coordinators with confirmed exhibits. It has truly evolved from Web interactive concept to a world art tour.

The backbone of communications for all the artists has been the online EHCC show catalog and global show news and documentation. To share the artists' excitement of instant global visibility, go to Most important has been the daily update of-

It is the hope of Pygoya that this historic artists networking project serves as an example ON how other artists can use the Web to promote their work and selves. This first show is of extra significance as it identifies itself WITH THE SELF PROCLAIMED MISSION OF PROMOTING and supportING quality digital art displayed online as pioneering indigenous new art of WORLD cyberculture. The show RECOGNIZES SUCH works as prominent images found ONLY in online cyberspacE. IT ALSO begins the task of building a collection of such "cyberart," to be inducted into aN online collection that will retain their PERMANENT presence on the Internet, with archival historical information, for future generations of Web citizens.




mARCH 1, 2002