Rodney Chang, 1987


1. Op Art (multi-imaging)
2. Field Painting (forced digital image to this scale)
3. Impressionism
4. Expressionism
5. Photography (grain)
6. Printing (dots)
7. Information Processing
8. The Square (Albers, Kelly)
9. Conceptual, Process Art
10. Structuralism
11. Design/Idea versus laborious artistic craft and technique
12. Scale, monumentality, dictation by computer transferral translation to painting requirements as pixels enlarged and brushed in on canvas
13. Hard Edge
14. Hi-Tech versus "By Hand" work ethnic
15. Pointillism
16. Television Imaging/video
17. Group Identity versus Solo Creator working in studio isolation/vacuum
18. Structured viewer distancing (pixels on large 6'x4" works or larger "disappear" at distances other than 'close up' inspection of works.
19. Local flavor, a Hawaiian aesthetic
20. Computer color palettes transfered to paint pigment brands
21. A Sense of Creating History - lst digital images as large painted canvases