Draft for Introduction to CenterofCyberspace.com


Welcome to the center of cyberspace. Here is an imaginary spot on the Internet which hopes to assist in making your life easier, or even more complete.

Center of cyberspace is the mother homepage for several .coms. All are invited to enter, for free, oneself into a unique search engine. User generate listings by words such as "by country," or "by age," or by "hobbies." Here is the chance to place one's name on a social list that is part of the global society. Be a registered and known Netizen.

Each name on the directory-search engine will have a short description of the individual. Information is provided through filling out a form online. Email or other contact can be part of a listing description not optional.

As a registered participant on the directory one is qualified to subscribe, for a fee, a unique personal online diary. The e-diaries are either publicly accessible or quite private, blocked by the need for a password.

In that diary express how life is for you. Express your feelings, record your successes and your regrets. Create an ongoing history of your special life.


Names in listings in the search engine can have green or blue links. Green links indicate there is a diary that others can read. Blue indicates that there is a diary but access only for the writer and his or her very close friends. Names without any underlining link indicates no online diaries - at least not at the moment. One can always sign up later.

For now everything is only in English but other languages are planned for these services.


Here's links to further services by lifeportrait.org



Besides this social virtual citizen directory and private diaries, is what has always been central to this staff's life, and that is art. Hear is offered an invitation to come into our Truly Virtual Web Art Museum and experience art in your life. Not just any kind of art but art made only to be seen and enjoyed on the Internet and using computers. You are invited to get art into your life, at least when in cyperspace. Learn and understand what cyberart is and how this provides a source of visual culture on the Internet.

Like Animations? Then visit the O'Carney Webmuseum Theater of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum. Or see the evolving art and thoughts of Pygoya, "computer artist" turn "digital artist" and now "cyberartist," or one that creates digital art solely for the enjoyment of those also online. Browse exhibition of the best international artists, curated by the staff and exhibited in online virtual reality galleries. Or simply get lost in the "stacks" of its online arts library of links.

Then as a last tribute of everyone's life is our online offering of a Internet place where one can be remembered by beloved friends and relatives. It's free to just list (fill out free form), like an abbreviated obituary, and become a part of a global memorial for all people. Names with links on this listings indicates public or private personal Memorial Pages. Text call always be updated and expanded. Assistance is available to write, edit obituaries or professional memorial pages.


There we have it. Center of Cyberspace wants to be part of your life. A convenient place to keep a diary (who wants to write by hand anymore?). A place to roam and always see new art. And lastly, a place to even email relatives information about a funeral or to visit a memorial of a relative or friend, privately if desired, through a password key to the tribute. Imagine to alternative to making pilgrimages to gravesites, staying at one's work desk from anywhere, earth.