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Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 10:58 AM
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> Hi Rodney, what a great idea for a story. I'm glad you and your son,
> Bronson were able to be a part of our special year. It really was an
> amazing year for all of us. Its sad to see it end but I'm so proud of
> all they did.  It is something I will always remember, the boys and
> this team.
>  I had a nice note from your son, he didn't feel comfortable speaking 
> in front of everyone, so he took the time to write me a thank you note
> that was very touching. I really am lucky to be able to coach, it is
> something I love and it is always a special gift to be out there with
> the boys.  I didn't have the opportunity to coach my son so I try to
> coach my players like they were my son and treat them the way I would
> like him to have been treated.
> Thanks for all your support this year, I know it was trying at times
> but I hope Bronson enjoyed being a part of our team. the only regret I
> told Bronson was that he didn't come out last year.  He really improved
> in one year and with the experience he gained I believe he could have
> been an impact player for us.  But I'm glad he took the risk of trying
> and coming out, I know he enjoyed being there.  Good luck with your
> book and let me know when it comes out, I enjoy reading and would love
> to have an autographed copy of the book. when it comes I can get a book
> and maybe have you sign it if you don't mind.
> Thanks again for all your support and good luck with your book, it must
> be exciting, (someday I'd like to write a book as well!) aloha Kale Ane


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> Dear Kale,
> Thank you for your thoughtfulness for writing to me.
> I appreciate the opportunity you and the staff provided for late comer
> Bronson. I appreciate the kind words that he has what it takes to
> into an impact player - if there was more time, more seasons.
> I am proud of his courage to try out in his senior year.  It turned out to
> be for him  "the most memorable experience I have had at Punahou .
> in the 9th grade)
> We are definitely bonded in a special moment of Punahou football history.
> shall remember as I am sure the other players' parents, coaches, and boys
> will too,  those final seconds of the season -of what could have been. But
> that's part of the greatness of the game.  Plus, I think being crowned ILH
> after all these years was more important.  "State" was just icing on the
> cake.
> I think Sam showed good judgment to let you read the book first -before
> announcing it to parents and the boys.  Yes, there's mention of this
> team, because I wrote the novel on those bleachers at the practice field
> football sorta just seeped into the story.  The story is written for
> with some adult content, violent scenes (art imitates life)-- but in no
> involves the high school football scenario described.  Although fiction, I
> took the liberty to write "Punahou" name and also "Bronson" (although the
> book states "all persons and institutions are fictional and if they exist
> real life it's only by concidence"  (yeah, sure).
> I would be honored to give you a signed copy as the setting of writing
> novel in a high school football practice field setting (July-Dec.) helped
> give the story an edgy feeling.  So part of the flavor of the book was
> inspired by the Mighty Mice, the Davids, just as the characters in my book

> defy the odds and take on their dream on their own terms, sacrificing self
> for the sense of mission, fight for the glory.
> For a walk-on, Bronson got his licks in (Farrington interception and hit
> offensive lineman downfield, interception in Kailua game, bringing down
> lst string running back in scrimmage, big collision with an Aiea receiver,
> etc.) and I was proud of him.  More guts than I ever had - which deepens
> respect for him.
> I'll have Bronson bring by the book in Jan.
> Aloha and enjoy the off-season,
> Season's Greetings,
> Rodney Chang, proud father of No. 40