1968 - partnering sometimes on Sundays at the Waikiki Honolulu Zoo fence art exhibits with now world famous Edward Sokol of New York City; at the time both fledging young artists with big dreams; after returning to New York the nexgt year Sokol's art career catapulted fulfilling the "artist's dream."

1971- established the Loyola University's School of Dentistry Annual Student and Faculty Exhibition in the school's dental clinic reception/waiting room; first juror of entries; annual Spring Exhibition continued at least through 1982.

1971-80 - research in the psychology of art, including hypnosis as a research modality for studying the perception and cultural response to art stimuli.

1979- Opening of Da Waiting Room, Honolulu - art installation of discotheque in a dental clinic; wired to a radio station for the Friday nights "Disco Doc Hour"

1982-84- Koko Isle Art Studio, Honoulu - painting, mixed media, ceramics, bronze sculpture, serigraphy

1985-86 - collaborative computer art efforts with Larry Lovett using Lumena 8 (AT IBM PC) at Digital Associates, Honolulu; first digital art works as slides and photographs with maximum 256 colors.

1985-89- SoHo Too Gallery & Loft, Honolulu - among the lst computer art exhibits in Honolulu, Hawaii; experimental and controverial art invitationals; loft Amiga 1000 computer art studio producing the Picasso Series; plexibox mixed media sculptures, ceramic Raku series, lst Paint Outs including "Assembly" (230,000 hand painted 4mm x 4mm "pixels" on canvas);
juried into "Artists of Hawaii", Honolulu Academy of Arts, 1986 (lst PC digital art piece accepted by local museum); Holter Art Museum (Helena, Montana, USA), 1989

1987 - Rodney Chang Retrospective Exhibition, Ramsey Museum, Honolulu; inclusion in juried national exhibition, "The Second Emerging Expression Biennnial", Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York; "The NoHo Series" - solo exhibition of computer oil paintings, Nishi Noho Gallery, New York City

1987- further computer art exploration with Lumena 8 with Larry Lovett at the University of Hawaii Graphics Experimental Lab within the Botany Department supervised by Dr. Kim Bridges

1988- Aina Haina Computer Studio - Amiga 1000 studies producing abstract images with emphasis on perspective alterations with DPaint II (Electronic Arts); video camera digitizers (no scanners yet), lst "Paint Outs" - rendering digital images into large painted canvases, including "Assembly" (11' x 6') by Yida Yi (later art professor at UH-Manoa in painting and drawing), serigraphs and posters production

1988 - "Rodney Chang - Computer Artist", lst computer art exhibition in the People's Republic of China, Shanghai State Art Museum, June 1988

1989 - Aina Haina Computer Studio -  Amiga 1000 with Digipaint III, abstractions; Arche Rival PC clone 386 with Lumena 8 and Animator; major initial Paint Outs in collaboration of painter Mingli Jiang ("Revolution"), Xin Wei, manager of Shanghai painters; Herman Higgins, tech support; publishing of book, "Rodney Chang>Computer Artist"; purchase and use of Amiga film recorder and video camera setup for digitization of original art and photographs by the artist

1989 - As President of the Association of Hawaii Artists, established annual "Contemporary Art Exhibition" at Honolulu Hale (Honolulu City Hall, still ongoing through 1999); inclusion of work and biography in AMERICAN ARTISTS, "An Illustrated Survey of Leasing Contemporaries", American References Publishing Corporation, Chicago, IL

1990 - Solo Exhibition, Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada;
Solo Exhibition in Gutersloh, Germany (article: Hawaianer komponiert jedes Gemalde an seinem Computer - Ausstellung von Rodney chang im Evangelisch-Stiftischen Gymnasium zeigt modernes); Solo Exhibition at Tartu Art Museum, Estonia (formerly of the U.S.S.R.);
included in Manhattan Arts magazine (March/April issue)

1990 - Alexander Art Studio - Digipaint III, DPaint II, conversions of Amiga IFF files to MS-DOS  for use with Arche Rival'sAnimator, Dpaint II and Design 3D CAD

1990 - The Moon House studio at 1011A Alewa Heights - FractTools, Corel Draw, Streamline, Pazzazz, PC Paintbrush, ColorScheme (abbreviated version of Lumena 16); IBM AT-ColorScheme I; Paintouts- Jiang's "Geisha"; regular production through Wei's group in Shanghai and Mingli's Shanghai group; Conversions- Amiga to Arche DOS; Animator to other programs for further image processing; Video (Amiga) to Arche/Animator and DPaint II enhancement/editing extension; FracTools to Animator; Design 3D CAD to Animator/DPaint II; Arche to Amiga back to Arche; Digipaint III processing

1990- juried into SIGGRAPH ART SHOW '90, Dallas (TX) Convention Center; "Revolution", 69.5" x 100"; inclusion in Who's Who in the World, 10th Edition (later also Who's Who in America)