As you slept, your little Santa's elf was at work!  I decided to take a copy of VV and chance the madness at the local Kalihi post office. In Dec., lunch hour, Monday.
Yup, long line, but was able to find parking as a car left its stall.  

     As I filled out the custom form, an old lady smelling and appearing homeless, was next to me filling out her form and talking to an invisible person I couldn't see.  She finished faster, not having to write long German addresses, and went to stand in line, still carrying on a conversation with no one in particular. She was filthy and smelled badly so folks in line tried to move further away from her, plus ignore her - act as if she wasn't there.  I was still filling out my form when she returned from the line, to fill out or redo her form.  I went into line, glad to get away from her. 

      At last, in the long Christmas rush line of people carrying packages, I got to the clerk's counter. She said,

     "Sorry, you have the wrong form.  Yes, you did a customs declaration, but you have a smaller box so have to use the smaller size form."

     So I go back to the only counter to fill out stuff - behind the back of the line.  There, once again, I find and stand- and smell - the old lady filling out her form.  I notice this time she is not carrying any package! 

     Back I go into the new line, killing time (no soup noodles today for me!) by thinking how happy you will be to receive your Christmas present.  This time, it's correct, so gladly pay for the cost, after the clerk does more paperwork processing on keyboard, apparently retyping information from my customs - correct size- form., keeping me and the long line waiting longer.   After paying, I realize it's $30 with shipping for my little paperback.  Times 2, as I sent it before but it never got to Ingrid.  Now investing $60 to get my paperback  to Ingrid (and hoping she reads from Page 1 and wonder again why Amazon could not process her credit card, which came out to a good deal of  $13.  Oh well, everything is expensive in and from Hawaii.  Part of the price of living in the middle of no where  in Paradise.
    As I walk past the new long line of box carriers, I past the rear counter where forms are filled by customers.  And there she is, the haggardly old woman, still talking to her invisible forced-companion, and - filling out yet another form!  I glanced this time over her shoulder (holding my breath) and all she was doing was writing gibberish illegible markings on it.  Guess she'll stay there for hours until she gets it correct. 
    I go outside, rush to open my car in the drizzling rain, aware of the long line of cars lined up on the street trying to get into the post office parking lot, all waiting an open parking stall.  So in a way, those already in line are lucky, having found a parking space earlier, did their forms, and now in Step 3.
   No wonder I hate going to the post office! 
   I did ask when is the probably arrival date to Upper Bavaria.  The overworked, grouchy clerk said  "5-10 working days."  So the gift should be on time.  We'll see, won't we? 

   Hey, I'll be happy if, this time, it just arrives at your doorstep!


(NOTE - was sent to the wrong former address)



Py 12/3/2012