Dental supplies as art supplies

Plastic Sheets as framing, for acrylic painting

Reverse frame/canvases - painting of back of conventional framed and stretched canvases

Multiple canvases with singular framing

Art Materials as assemblages, subject matter

Found Commercial objects - acrylic assemblages, sculpture

Refined Line calligraphic paintings

Open frames paintings

Expressionistic color paintings

Expressionistic silkscreen printing

Photosilkscreen - using slide projector

Silkscreen with painting

Superimposed photography; disco light abstract backgrounds

Nonart Forces to apply paint to surface (ex. hammering paint out of tube unto target canvases)

Ceramic Block printing

Ceramic 3D sculpting

Ceramic Slab 3D reliefs/wall hangings

Ceramic Line drawing in 3D

Ceramic-Sculptural-Painting-Silkscreen : mixed media hangings

Subject Matter- expressionistic flower and landscapes, electronic landscape photographs, abstract (flat shapes; arbitrary redistribution of foreground, mid and backgrounds), landscapes, ceramic painting/reliefs, ceramic sculpture, "watercolor" application to canvas; calligraphic lines

Lava Sculptures - with acrylic airbrush; glazes and slip-oxides, resin, marble/wood pedestals (koa)

Miniature Ceramic enivironments - architectural overtones

Ceramic Expressions/Impressions

Alternative methods to apply paint, manipulate clay, make photographs (ex. minimal distortion of clay body; natural nonart forces; projector tracings)

Future - photoprints of best works, clay molds - convert to metal (ex. bronze), increase scale of works, clay equipment acquisition - slab roller, kilm, glazes, wheel; painting equipment - compressor, airbrush; sculpture - power tools and equipment; integration of media/thought/thematic content

Frame Art - frame as THE art form

Plexi-acrylic series

Cellophane wrapping as drawing substrate

Compound material sculpture

Easel Sculpture - the art easel as sculpture


1983- study of INVENTIVITY and its unconscious effect on my art activity and study of journalism to promote my artistic and dental activities





Defunct Arts Trek Magazine, David Logan, publisher - never printed - $1500

Exhibition at Crossroads Gallery, Pearlridge Mall - $2000


Completed Honolulu Marathon - 7th consecutive

Disco Dancing - once per week

National Enquirer called about "Life after Disco for Disco Doc?" - no article materialized

Counseling with Dr. Joyce Woods