AIEA hikes ball to the quarterback, who back up to throw long pass.  Bronson on middle-right side of field in the back, his defensive zone to protect. Receiver runs long out to his area.  The ball is thrown long toward this receiver.  The ball is flying between Bronson, running towards the receiver, and the receiver, turning in, towards the ball, towards Bronson in the middle of field.  Both players run towards ball in air between them, then like two speeding cars, smashed head-on into each other, the ball falls between them. The two crash down to ground, running fast then instantly to velocity zero. Like running into a wall. I got scared, but soooo relieved when he got up!!!! (and the other guy too).  The stadium loud speaker said "Bronson Chang on the defensive play."  They took him out to rest, the head coach pat him on his shoulder.  Some players came to him on sideline and pat his shoulder.  Then after one play rest, no. 40 goes back in!  He played to end of game.  I think of all the hits in this 3 hr long game, the collision of Bronson was probably one of the most brutal (top 5 plays) for possibility of getting hurt. In fact, Kim, a ballerina student of R's class but had to go to game because she's in the high school band in the stands, called R later I heard E say and told Rochelle, "Hey Rochelle, your brother made a big hit!!!"


After the teams lined up and shook each other hands, Bronson walk with his teammates back to our side of stands. I noted that one of the players kept banging his helmet on B's. This indicates, "Good going, nice hit-congrats" to the other player.

So how can I quit??? Left message on C's phone messenger that I'll meet him at park at 5:30am tomorrow for 14 miles, so be there!  B, my sports hero! 



Since E and H left early (E regrets she missed the hit; H whines when I mentioned it to E), I went after game to fence and waved B over to get lei left by E. I wasn't going to give it to him if he didn't play, because embarrassing to get lei if never played, in eyes of other players. Shame, right?  But he played so I waved and he came over and took the lei.  Too many people down there waving, cameras, leis, yelling to the boys to come over to fence, so I just shouted, "Nice hit!"  He looked at me and just shrugged his shoulders.  .... at least he knows his old man was there and saw it, if not body else in the family did.  ;=) & proud!!!!!!!!!!!!


November 19, 2005

Hawaii high school football state tournament.  Punahou 35, Aiea 14