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Progress Report on Webism and the Webists
by Pygoya, founder,

August 14, 2004

The beginnings of a new art movement embedded on the Internet can be found at It was written along with the rest of my "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum" back in 1997 as content for my inaugural Web site, The Internet offered the opportunity to break out of local physical and cultural isolation for artists, and with such zeal I wrote with idealism for the then unwelcome, 'homeless," digital art to cultivate the new virtual space. From this declaration of a new "Webism" and cyberart, a condensed "manifesto" was written and is available at

Any artist, no matter what medium he or she works in, is invited if the goals and missions of the manifesto are agreed upon. Along with embracing our mission to contribute to online cyber culture, the artist must have a web site with original art only found on the Internet. There are no fees.

The Webists became an active group after 2001 with the spiritual leadership of Ingrid Kamerbeek and Dr. Hans Turstig. Today we number 60 members spanning many nations around the globe. We are proud to have executed many online projects and keep documentation of such online cultural efforts and contributions at

But besides our ongoing online activity, the group has organized several physical exhibitions, including group shows in the Hawaiian museum -East Hawaii Cultural Center, the Frankfurt International Airport, the Vienna Museum Complex in Austria, the diplomatic district of Budapest, and in a French castle! So like all other artists, we maximize the opportunity to show and promote anywhere, online and offline, at home or abroad. So like "The Three Musketeers,"  we live by the motto, "All for one and one for all." In essence, each of us has 60 art agents scattered around the globe. The lack of show opportunity from geographical isolation has ended for the membership.

For any artist interested to learn more about our group, please visit group coordinator Ingrid Kamerbeek's Now is a good time to join as we are in development in constructing one of the largest 3D art sites for the Internet using specialized software still in development. The visitor will seem to be walking through gallery after gallery of 3-dimensional space but not be in cumbersome VRML. Our will have unlimited memory available on a dedicated server so growth of the "collections" can be unlimited. All exhibitions posted will be online in perpetuity. As Webists, we make art online to last.