1. Art links the cogs of unconscious evolutionary cognitive content within our mind.

2. Art is a symbolic perception of self, life and nature.

3. Art can be a generalization on the contemporary state of affairs,

4. Art gives concrete embodiment of feeling.

5. Art is visual stimulation that induces excitement and contemplation.

6. Art give objectivity to our subjectivity.

7. Art is a signature in graphic form; an expression of our presence.

8. Art creates new worlds and experiences.

9. Art gives form to rules and to gods.

10. Art creates a presence of the artist with the absence of the latter.

11. Art is evidence of constant change.

12. Art records or challenges norms.

13. Art is sexual, emotional, subjective, irrational, and rational.

14. Art is like television in that it is an escape from place.

15. Art a concrete suggestion of intergrated realities.

16. Art provides ongoing proof of one's existance and worth.

17. Art captures fleeting human experience.

18. Art is blind faith in the belief that we can achieve perfection.

19. Art is a substitute for "play".

20. Art are artifacts of the creative process.

21. Art is aesthetic expression of Gestalt principles of vision.

22. Art present the visual presentation of extreme polarities, such as simplicity/complexity and raw bright hues/subdued muted colors.

23. Art can only be appreciated as intended by its own people in its own time and place.

24. Art can be a memory stimulant producing nostalgia.

25. Art can reveal concrete variations of the dream potential (Surrealism).

26. Art is snapshots of one's creative growth or lack thereof.

27. Art records historic creative insight and inspiration.

28. Art provides directions for our passions or supports our common morality.

29. Art is a perscriptive description of our preferences for phyical beauty by such measurements as proportion, ratios, symmetry, gender and skin tones.

30. Art brings into focus qualities we miss in ordinary daily life.

31. Art is the graphic counterpart to literature.

32. Art is one thing all men share.

33. Art provides the clarification of a group's or generation's identity.

34. Art is a conduit for the expression of values between one another.

35. Art are blueprints of daring alternative existences.

36. Art are enhancement of the natural beauty of the materials used to make it.

37. Art is an ideal achieved.

38. Art provides satisfaction of doing a good job.

39. Art is the realization of the documentation of traces of one's group's existence for distant future descendents.

40. Art may exist in other galaxies and for the same reasons.