Commentaries of the Psychology of Art - by Rodney Chang, Ph.D.

at World Wide Art Resources

May 9, 2006


 Binded studies of the psychology of art and aesthetic by the artist, as part of his doctoral program in Art Psychology with Union Graduate University, Cincinnati, Ohio. Unpublished. Therefore, with a Ph.D. in Art Psychology, master degrees in Painting (Northern Illinois University) and Counseling Psychology (University of Northern Colorado), the artist was postured for his empirical approach to creating NEW PAINTINGS from the computer. He has employed a collaborative team of artisans (PYGOYA) and from the start of the PC digital boom, has produced over 250 oil on canvases from 1985 through 2006. This effort started prior to the advent of the Internet, which in turn facilitated the global visibility of his altered personal aesthetic philosophy as artist, seamlessly integrated into the online cyber-cultural revolution. In fact, along with Ingrid Kamerbeek of Germany, Prof. Chang (honorary title bestowed by Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts) co-founded the "Webism" cyber-culture arts movement, now around 75 global artists strong. For publications on Webism, try keying "webism" in Google. At this time, now 20 years since the inception of the experimental computer art investigation, Dr. Chang is considering retiring the digital art research project. The time may have come to take off the white lab coat and return to his 70s blue-collared art smock. He looks forward to returning to the messy world of hands on mixed media assemblages and hand built ceramics. He also notes that when painting with a brush his work has a digital quality, as if still "painting" with a computer mouse. Talk about coming full circle! It's time, he states, to let the next generation take digital art to the next level of development as a medium. He is also now working on his second art themed novel of fiction -again of the horror genre.