ART- provides -

1. the ultimate sense of order

2. instant visual impact about the value of objects, issues ("picture is worth a thousand words")

3. a universal language of symbols everybody understands, whether consciously (through dealing with the world culture) or unconsciously (archetypical primordial symbols; Jung psychology)

4. trigger for psychological sensation from our ancestral past; capable of triggering brain activity in mulitdirectional channels, not just linear thinking as we try to solve through reasoning

5. a metaphoric catalyt to help us solve problems or inner conflicts; triggers associations not necessary intended by the artist's efforts

6. nuturance of our intuitive and creative instincts in a cold, rational and analytical scientific world

7. soothness of the primordial monster within

8. experimentation to help us discover new visual breakthroughs that expand our visual reality

9. appreciation of individuality, keeping us from becoming a drone in a colony

10. pure sensual turn ons through paint, clay, textures - a diagonal line can mimic the phallic, a circle the feminine

11. a vehicle for communication between beings, the maker and the viewer

12. evidence that culture is ongoing, even flourishing, for future anthropologists

13. the ability to "see", not just "look", even if stopped merely by attention to laborious detail or craft

14. an escape from harsher realities or the opposite

15. a record of what's considered worth framing and keeping as judged by contemporary culture

16. spirit and pride of the group for its achievements

17. change, like life itself

18. a distinction of man from other species

19. a spiritual escape from a materialistic world of functionalism

20. education - displays places, things, feelings we cannot experience first hand due to geographic isolation or confinement

21. exultation of our narcissistic selves -formal protraits, nudes, figure drawing, Romantic sculpture

22. permanence captured of fleeting natural beauty

23. a means to recreate, reinvent, work with one's hands, "control" one's environment


Fleeting Love, mixed media; oscillating fan as dentist with lost love; hanging photo whirling from the fan and out of reach from quivering latex gloves; featured work by Dr.Rodney Chang on Valentine's Day special news, Honolulu TV, 1987