Artistic Contributions - Rodney Pygoya Chang

June 11, 2010


1. "Da Waiting Room"(dental clnic/discotheque) - an art installation, national NBC TV coverage, 1979-1980
    - with self as dancing "Disco Doc" celebrity figure in Waikiki dance clubs

2. "Blind Torso" (bronze) - female figure "discovered" by tactile sculpting, blindfolded artist, 1982

3. "Throwaway Art" (plastic, wood, paint, paper towels) - mixed media, 1983

4. "Space"  - Honolulu's lst digital art exhibit, with Jon Hamblin; Honolulu Club, 1985

5.  SOHO too Gallery & Loft, inner city (Kalihi) warehouse gallery for emerging experimental artists, 1985-90

6. Hawaii Computer Art Society, founder, 1985-1995, later succeeded by Hawaii Digital Art Society

7. President, Association of Hawaii Artists, 1985

8. "Assembly" - 11'x6' oil on canvas of replicated pixels, 1988

9. "Pixelism" - emerging digital art -ism, expounding the jazzy low resolution screen pixelation as iconic of digital graphics and an art species destined to become extinct by subsequent generations of high tech improvement in screen and color resolution; 1985

10.Papers online documented periods of "computer art" as distinct from "computer graphics" : Computer Artist, then Digital Artist, then Cyberart (digital art displayed online, 1997), then Cyberpaintings (combination of digital sofware with painting effects), then Webart (digital art made to be exhibited for the Internet)

11. "Webism" movement, co-founder with Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany, 2003-present

12.  Studies in art perception - aesthetic perception equation: formula prediction 'art appreciation" (part of Ph.D. thesis), 1980

13.  Studies in art perception - diagram of interaction among artist, viewer, art object, and society. 1980

14. Studies in art perception - Transformative Philosophy (1980),  Art Psychology (1979-present)

15. "Derivatism"- latest development of my art whereby digital tools and the resultant digital art become the ultimate
         art medium in harnessing all past art media as part of its mixed appearance; the ultimate art medium synthesizer

16.  "Sight-Seeing Series" - photographing and creating digital art from American marathon 26.2 mile routes

17.  Novels - "Pygoya," "Roswell Encounter Gallery," and "The Red Sable Brush Society" - all which has art as          the main theme and an artist as the main character

18. "Pygoya Gallery," 2008-09, 12 months display of contemporary digital art ("Derivatism" series) to educate/acquaint Honolulu's lst Friday crowd from within a retail art gallery setting

19.  "The Pygoya House," - 5000 sq ft of luxury residential space on a ridge in Hawaii Kai; more to exhibit 40 large cyberpaintings on canvas than to house a family, 1994-1999

20.  "The Pygoyan Gap," - the difference in time reflection between landscape and abstract art, before passing judgment, 2009

21.  "The Artist Who Thinks Too Much," - published papers on art psychology and theory, 2009

22. "Rodney Pygoya Chang," - by Eroin Simon, book part of his doctorate in Aesthetic Philosophy with emphasis in digital art at Moscow University, 2010

23. Solo exhibition at Shanghai State Art Museum, introduction of computer art to the Chinese; also l week workshop
     for Chinese art students held at Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts

24. Webmaster, Las Vegas Art Museum, 1998-2001

25. Digital Art group show (13 artist, including Chang) in Calcutta, India, 12/1999 - lst international digital art show in India

26. "The Chaotic Existence of the Computer Artist," paper proposes how chaos theory applies to  the working computer artist behavior, 1996

27. "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum," at, one of world's lst online virtual museums for showcasing global digital art, 1997-present

28. "Pygoyan Oil Cyber-Paintings" Vol. 1 (2006) and Vol. 2 (2010) - my developed digital art for posterity/documentation

29. "Mental Evolution and Art," - "mental ontogeny recapitulates mental phylogeny"

30. 3 juried in shows of "Artists of Hawaii," The Academy of Arts, displaying Honolulu's lst fine arts digital art to the museum going Honolulu public

40. Hundreds of solo and group exhibitions from 1968-present

41. "Voggy Visions," - planned novel with art theme and artist as main character, setting is Big Island of Hawaii

42. Ballet dance studio in the forest - planned for Volcano area on the Big Island, planned, surreal setting

43. Slap Caps Art Group, milk caps, or "pogs," as fine art, signed - 1993; special: gold plated, diamond studded milk cap

44. US Postal Stamps as limited edition, signed digital art prints in the form of postage stamps, 2004

45. lst email-only art group show; recipients ordered to Delete email with attachment imagery, Webist project, 2004

46. East Hawaii Cultural Center's 2002 International Cyberart Exhibition, organizer/curator, probable lst international digital art exhibit for Big Island,

47.  East Honolulu Teachers Gifted Program, guest speaker and exhibit, January 27, 2005, Windward Community College

48. "Cyberbabies" art for the Web, 2002, 2003

49. "Immortality and Art," published online at as well as featured article at raising the question about what happens to deceased artist after they go to heaven, 2004; also reprinted in "The Artist Who Thinks Too Much"

50.  Cross-cultural study of children's drawing, thesis for MS.Ed. with University of Southern California, 1974

51. 30 years defending and preserving disco dancing as an art form, Rumors Club, 1977-present

52.  lst digital art using bird fecal matter, 2009

53. lst digital art exhibition, solo, Helena Art Museum, Helena, Montana, 1989; juried into group show at Bronx Art Museum, NY, 1986

54. Kauai Museum, Hawaii Computer Art Society 10th anniversary exhibition, 1991

55. Life research, art theories, art experimentation, and artworks the thesis for a Ph.D. in Aesthetic Philosophy by
      doctoral candidate at Moscow University, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2010
56. "Pope of Digital Art," German newspaper, 2011