Computer Art Stages of Development and Exploration


Dr. Rodney Chang

August 9, 1989



1985-86 With Larry Lovett, lst computer artist of Hawaii; imported IBM souped up graphics system ($30,000); exploration of effects with Lumena 8 software; navigator with Lovett at keyboard

1986 Amiga - user; high-resolution work at 800x600; but only 16 colors

Picasso Simulation series at SoHo Too Gallery & Loft; attempt to do "real art" with digital medium

1987 Digitizing original art and photography with digital camera on copy stand

Lumena Series II

New York: Bronx Museum, Nishi Noho gallery solo exhibition; computer oil painting series startup; started painting "Assembly" (Nida Jiang, painter- collaboration)

1988 IBM, Atari deadends

Amiga - Perspective Series - Lo res work

Chinese Series - Shanghai Art Museum, RC:Computer Artist

"Assembly" completion! (painted approximate 230,000 4x4 mm squares as pixel representations in oil on canvas, 6x11')

Own 1988 painting series (20), Artists of Hawaii juried exhibition

1989 IBM DeLuxe Paint II upgrade acquisition

Arche Rival DOS clone 386; Lumena Series III

Amiga - continued works

Woodcut - computer lst! - collaboration with master woodcut artist Mingli Jiang

Paintouts - national interview - INFO Magazine

lst Annual Computer Art Exhibition; founded Hawaii Computer Art Society

Closing of SoHo Too Gallery & Loft (5 years; $250,000 loss)

Digitizing 35 mm camera (ala Claude Horan)

"On Paper: Hawaii Computer Art Society" show at Honolulu Hale

Paris Exchange Show (June, 1989)

Etching - lst computer print with printmaker Richard Li

Pseudo-Photorealism: Koa Gallery exhibition

FUTURE - includes:

painting and sculpture without computer but with computer art sensitivity; visualize digital program image processing effects without computer

Real Time painting - paint and use digital process interactively

Las Vegas Art Museum solo exhibition scheduled for March 1990