Fortune Cookie Inserts for Artists

by Rodney Chang, June 1979


A painting is complete when it finally begins to mean something. A masterpiece says it all.

The love for art is like a well. It runs deep but can dry out.

Our muscular facial expression lines may be the common demoninator of what makes anything visually "aesthetic". Through the ability of projection we construct mirrors no less "real" to ourselves.

Art objects, like records are time linked stimuli that provide for us handles to grasp past memories, feelings and identities.

Art represents our hopes.

Art may very well outlast love.

An artist almost always has to feel outcast in order to tape his impulses to reject the way things are in order to create the symbols of new orders to come.

Paintings are our dreams, our preferences, our hand-me-downs and our hang ups.

There is more than meets the eye at the boundary of a frame. It is the meeting place of different realities that simultaneously greet the retina.

Art is on key with the chords of natural design.

The expression we see in inanimate objects may be our very own projected associations and feelings.

Through peripheral vision we check out the constant array of visual hypotheses by subsequent central foveal vision verification.

The painting's frame is a visual clarifying clue that its contents is something to be interpreted and experienced aesthetically.

Art provides visual economy and clarity by providing the condition of ordered visual pattern that enable the viewer to leave the content realm and get in tune with one's emotional reactions.

Everything we do serves an organic need. So why should art be any different?

We brainwash our children into color preferences, educated taste and acceptable behavior. Later in life they say "I can't draw".

Art is the act of capturing the feeling of something from something that stimulates thinking of something other than itself.

We give our facial gestures too little credit in communication. Imagine having to communicate with a bag over one's head all day, even with peep holes.

Painting are our proof our our species' ability to sustain coexisting multiple realities.

Some criticize that art is the rich man's fancy. What they don't realize is that art is all around them.

Pornography is sex too literally represented for certain folks' morality. Sex however, in abstract visual form can be unabashly depicted.

Aesthetic is constantly remoulded by the brainwashing effect of advertising.

After physiological perception all our interpretations enter the visualization process of an object to formulate the projection we call 'art'.

Good art gives one a sense of self-containment and wholeness through its compelling integrated visual unity.

Art is the symbolic expression of man's relationship with the Universe.

Like anything else in life, art MUST change.

Art is the portal to other levels of human consciousness.

Nothing is more harmonious and tranquil than a circle. But yet we live in rectilinear cubicles. If it was more economic to construct circular structures, would our sense of 'composition' have taken a different direction?

Our aesthetic preferences change throughout life along with our evolving personality maturation. Do you still prefer the gawdy colors you selected as an elementary school child? Maybe someday I'll prefer Lawarence Welk to Disco.

Color harmonies are seasonal.

Disco is a contemporary return to Hedonism, and not without its aesthetic delights!

Disco is Art.

Gold + Silver = Pure Disco

There are no limitations of the worlds that the serious artist can reveal. Some are best left hidden.

Sculptor's observation - A woman's body is supposed to be soft and a man's physique strong and hard. Yet almost everybody is inbetween.

The greatest art for a blindman must be the creations of his mind.

An art object is one that makes an emphatic statement about how it feels to be human.

There is always fierce competition among artists for scraps of recognition, tossed out by art critics that pull the strings which move the historians.

Art comes naturally to children. We should leave them more space to play with it.


Infatuation is like inspiration - they fool you into believing you're on to something big.

The limits of art is not the frame but one's imagination.

Strong accents can hide the defects.

Each generation supports its stars for they will diminish together.

Art is the light by which our path is lit.

An empty frame is enough to create a different space within from that without.

We tend to categorize and fragment our world because of our innate need to order and clarify.

We possess built in learned spatial constancies that can be tinkered with through art.

Art can provide an escape from boredom for both the artist and his followers.

Art can hold attention and please through sexuality, unusualness, danger, portal to feelings, physiological stimulation or evoking a sense of closure.

Abstract art can be a passageway to search out free-floating other realities.

Emotions are almost always irrational. So much for art.

The key to hypnosis may be the ability to achieve a state of complete abandonment of fear of the immediate environment. Maybe hypnotized artists would create freer works.