An art exhibition about assault with blunt instruments by Douglas Doi and Fae Yamaguchi. SOHO Too Gallery and Loft, 2026-Warehouse 3, Stanley Street, Honolulu. Through Saturday. (Also at the gallery: "Display of Love", mixed media works by Rodney Chang.) (Gallery hours: Thurs.- Sat., 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.)


Part of the durable charm of the work of both Douglas Doi and Faye Yamaguchi is that they,as artists, also serve as cultural watchdogs aganst the hazards of civilization. With humor and an acute early-warning system, they continue to remind us that our own strivings for structure, polish and basic good manners are in fact but the thinnest veneer on natures which are often violent and basically primitive.

Their current exhibition at SOHO Too makes excellent use of the space, from Doi's tow-story tower pieces and balcony jact-in-the-boxes to Yamaguchi's works which require the viewer to run the gauntlet not once but twice. Definitely worth the trip.


"Descended From Killer Apes, an exhibition of assault with blunt instruments at SOHO too Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii" was mentioned as a one liner that year in the New Yorker magazine.



Retropect, 1999 - Surrendiptiously, Rodney Chang was working out his recent break up, at Valentine's, with his long term girlfriend (they reconciled, got married and have 3 chidlren). The "Display of Love", including a kinetic fan piece - rotating fan with attached latex gloved appendages, surgical mask with lit headgear, reaching futilely for tossed about photograph (attached by thread to ceiling) of Erlinda by the fan's breeze - was on the Valentine's Day special on the local TV evening news. Nothing like announcing Disco Doc's failed relationship to the WHOLE STATE!

Fae Yamaguchi got fed up with the local art scene and moved to San Francisco but eventually returned to the islands. Today Doug Doi is a famous artist who's head of creative art at the Unviersity of Hawaii Lab School. Chang bought one of his plexi-boxed sculptures from the SOHO too show. $300 for 3 impaled mouse corpses which continues to decay till this day. When the collector complained that the artist did not properly preserve the animals to maintain the art forms, Doi replied, "Hey I intended it to be a process piece."