Dear Anita,
Thank for your assistance!
Since you are presenting my case on my behalf, please take into consideration the requirements for licensure in the state of Oregon. If you review their application requirements, you will note that it is almost identical to Maine licensure without further Examination-
The Oregon state board site is
Another possibility for my continued involvement in dentistry after retirement from private Hawaii practice could be a license taken into consideration the many checks required by you that I just recently completed satisfactorily for the state of Oregon.  For example, verification of graduation direct from an accredited US dental school (Loyola University, IL), FBI fingerprint check/criminal record history; etc.  Possibly a notarized letter from the Director of the Board of Oregon could serve for my application in Maine as I JUST did all this work in 2005. Of course I would have to take the written test for ethics and jurisprudence knowledge of Maine dental practice statutes.
If the whole cumbersome process needs to be started from scratch, I prefer to just inquire if I could do basic services in a welfare clinic of the state or county.
I will be in Maine June 8-10 to review property in Bangor. I hope to work with the Bangor Art Society and the arts commission (meeting set June 8th) to establish a nonprofit high technology arts museum. Leadership in such a museum is my retirement dream and volunteer work and support as financial patron. Such an ambition is impossible in the high priced realty market of my state of Hawaii.  I believe such a unique museum on Main Street with high profile internet site would promote Maine, Bangor, and its artists globally, even bringing in more visitors and in some way assist the local economy.
I should provide you the same credits like I did the arts commission representative (John Rohman and my good friend, John Dennis,PHD - U. of Maine)-
I was recently featured in the Hawaii Dental Association Journal, I submit here as a "character reference."
It also displays some of my unique art which the state of Maine can "adopt" as its own, as my tourist oriented state has been unsupportive for the past couple decades; leading to my decision to retire on the East Coast. In Maine I can fly back and forth to Boston and New York City to promote the new global digital art museum.
I am also seek a part time position with the University of Maine's art department in Orono.
Rodney Chang, MA, MSEd, DDS, PhD