An update, July 29, 2914


Rodney Chang notes:


This past month, visited the Big Island and bought about 70 orchid plants to stock our Volcano 2nd home retreat.  Andrea Cabico hung most on the many giant fern trees on our 3 acre property.

Also visited the Kapalama UFO sanctuary, declared by Donna Gabrow of Volcano, a member of a global UFO belief and support group.  It's on only 2 year old new lava fields, adjacent to Uncle Robert's Bar, one of the few structures not covered by the lava. 

Got 70 orchid plants growing in pots at our residence in Kahala.  Rewarding new hobby.  Might do a green house nursery orchid project later at Volcano.

Ran 5 miles on Sunday and 7 miles today.

Houston graduated from UH with a major in International Finance and minor in Japanese.  Will work for local franchise of Japan good company starting tomorrow.  Went fishing last 2 days and both times caught papio and oio (23 inch long)

Bronson launched his Hopalea ginger chocolate snack product this month; provided same product for the Hopulea canoe that is circling the planet over a year.

Rochelle now dancing with Los Angeles ballet company for the summer. Stays with Aunt Nancy's family.   Broke up with former college boyfriend.

Since November 2013., making many art videos with Jack Explicit; also other videos such as those from photos of Las Vegas trip this past month.

Won $360 in Vegas and bought the orchids with this win.

Extended family now producing new 2nd cousins - Thad, Jeremy, Vernelle, Allan, Clintn's Je, Gavin.  Baby boom

Erlinda's sis Mary Jane and family still in Guam.  Husband later wants to retire to Oregon and build his own house.

Dental practice running smoothly.

Completed project of selection stories from Night Flights series into "Strange Tales" in Chinese; available at Amazon

Now 68

Did nice Las Vegas video series available at Youtube.

Hershey passed away this year.  13.5 yrs old.

HOPA celebrated its 3rd anniversary this month.

Will get new TV for upstairs soon.

Still have 3 cars - SUV, Sonata, sportscar with Chevy logo but totally built by Mercedes

2 neon tetra still alive in half gallon glass column upstairs.

Houston goes surfing, fishing and works out with weights with TV video several times a week for years.

Bronson goes to play basketball at least once a week at Punahou.

Bronson got one of his snack boxes signed by President Obama

Middle East still at war - Israel, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan hotbed

2 jumbo planes gone this year; one just vanished, the other crashed into a mountain

Honolulu rated 3rd worst traffic of US cities, improving from worst 2 years ago; almost daily gun holdouts on news recently

Honolulu big homeless problem with people sleeping on streets in Waikiki, Chinatown, etc.

Pot legalized in WA, CO and now Washington and OR have bills is legislature

US temperatures hitting records, sign of global warming