WTG CORP. HDQ, UK, Europe 09-15-95


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One of the problems Chris Garibaldi and I are meeting in compiling the second USA and Canada Catalogue (of telephone prepaid phonecards) is what to do about the private cards of AmeriVox. Because it is a multilevel organization, it has rather a lot of sales representatives - about 25,000 at the last count! it occurs to many of these that it would be nice to have their own cards and they order some small quantity, usually 100. I do not have final information yet but there may be 500 of these. So what do we do about them in the catalogue? Do collectors really want some 35 pages of cards they will almost certainly never be able to find? We are toying with the idea of listing, but not illustrating, those with issues below, say, 250 thus reducing the extra pages to about eight. We shall see!

What reminded me of this problem was a set of six cards from Rodney Chang in Hawaii (three shown - Ill. 109 to 111). Mr. Chang is a man of many parts - Dentist, Publisher, Architectural Design and Landscaper, Computer Artist - and an AmeriVox Rep. These six 5 minute cards, all signed before sealing into window envelopes, are the fruits of his labours and, since there are only 100 of each, will probably not be illustrated in the catalogue. And lastly one of those non-standard sized cards which so annoy the purists, although AmeriVox do recognise that they are more likely to be forgiven if the cards fit standard albums.

This (Ill. 112) was their card for the San Francisco show last month and, indeed, it won the best card in the show award. $5, 4000 of them.