Well howdy, pard'ner!
It's so nice to hear from you, from Houlton. Yes, I would imagine the weather's starting to cool off into your breathtaking Fall, before dipping back into the nippy zone of winter time.
Thanks for sending the material. I'm looking forward to receiving it.  As for your music, is there any chance you could send some on a CD? I could play it in my car; my favorite place to listen to music as I am a captured audience stuck in city traffic every work day.
I am in the midst of the entry into 'old age' crisis.  I thought the "middle age" one was traumatic enough.
At 59, I've run 3 marathons and got two to go to meet my new year's resolution. My doctor said to "Quite it - or get knee replacements!"  Their are aching right now, very disappointing as I was scheduled to do a long 14 miler this morning on this day off. Hell, must be the damn new shoes I got on sale - no wonder! My wife, the family budgeter, said I could get a new pair of the usual type (pushes a ridiculous $100 - they all "look" the same to me) today - if - I wear this bought new pair as my work shoes.  I consented to wear running shoes between the dental chairs to get back her credit card and go back to Foot Locker.
Ah, computers! Can't live with 'em, can do without 'em.  I'm getting my FIRST lap top, pushing 6-0! Yes, I've been doing digital art for 20 years but it's always been on desktops.  But now, finally, a rationalization WHY I need one: I'm signing up for an adult continued ed class at the local high school for "Creative Writing."  Like many of us, I think there's a novel in me somewhere, and, at this point in life, I'm going to find out.  To prepare myself for the English classroom again (wonder what the other 'students' will be like), it's a laptop, mailing off for "NewNovelist" software (supposed to stay on top of structure for the beginning novelist, attention to plot, theme, character development, conflict, grammar, word count, voice, etc.).  Then, for the past couple weeks, I've been reading books/manuals on "writing fiction," "creative writing for idiots," and "painless grammar" (it IS painful). 
You ask about my recent lst Maine trip and I have to report, it was momentous for my inner life. I was not disappointment.  My intuition attraction towards your part of the country that I could enrich my life by becoming acquainted with it is paying dividends.  Although the initial search, attempt to secure, and failure to start a museum or gallery in commercial space was a flop, I did end up with a little place along the Penobscot River in Bradley.  Heard of it?  Asian population zero, but now there is me..... Well, not exactly yet, as I'm a bit way off from total retirement from this life of drills, pliers, screams, blood, and Novocain.  Pity the poor dentist; it can get on his nerves too, especially performing the nasty task over decades!
I WAS fascinated standing in front of the black wrought-iron gate of Stephen King's residence in Bangor.   It inspired me so much I now have a pile of his books (36) that I am plowing through, in order to attempt to pick up his style, rhythm, plot construction, and dialogue of characters.  I have found my writing role model and genre - horror fiction.  Cool? I have always been one of those fanatics who sat, wide eyed, with popcorn spilling at the mouth, in horror movies.  "I want to be like Stephen."
Does Maine weather do this to you? I never wanted to attempt being a writer until I touched down in Maine.... Now I have a whole new world- challenge - entering this new decade of my life.  As for art, it's been taking a back seat as I mobilize whatever mental preparation and story incubation I can muster before my forced deadline of sitting in a class and be instructed to 'produce.'  If nothing else, this person working the night shift on a part time job with people who cannot write, will be a good initial copy editor.
Meanwhile, my beautiful Asian nice with the platinum blond hair and diamond through her nostril - I add a diamond on her right maxillary lateral incisor this week when she came in for her checkup- comes by the house today to edit my haircut slash out at Cheap Clippers. She'll make it more New Yorkish - she doing fine in her first year as beauty salon proprietor in NY's East Village - light brown tints - in preparation of my "60th" high school class reunion tomorrow.  The flier states there will be a band playing "our music" - Yuck, 50s and 60s.  But between the Twists and the Jerk, I'll ask for some disco which I prefer, but came way too late for my age group, stuck on The Ventures, Elvis and The Supremes. Not to be disappointed, I have my wife's solemn word that we will go AFTER the reunion to Waikiki and round out the night in my favorite disco danceclub (Rumors).
By the way, when Vernelle of  "V Salon" comes by with her clippers, we'll negotiate about wall space in her salon.  I offered to pay 'rent' to capture a wall  and title it "Pygoya's Showcase."  Maybe later, I can have a traveling show of Houlton art work. Somebody would have to come down to the Big Apple and install the work, later remove it, as I'm here and she's definitely too busy (60 hours a week and does the books) to bother with art show management.  Just a thought, an opportunity..... "Houlton Does East Ville."
Will check out Rebecca's online gallery.
Boy, I really have to come up to Houlton one of these days and see you, the family, the historic district, and maybe get a vacation cottage I can disappear, look out the bay window and be inspired, and - write.
August 19, 2005- email to Harrison Roper, retired music professor, Houlton, Maine